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Downtown Express: Storm spares Downtown; volunteer spirit emerges

Senator Daniel Squadron, Councilmember Margaret Chin and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver went door-to-door to shelters and residents’ homes, alerting them of the evacuation order, encouraging them to leave and arranging transportation for them. Downtown Alliance rerouted its Downtown Connection buses to shuttle people to and from the schools. Other residents stayed in hotels...

Improvements need to be made, Sen. Squadron echoed, so that evacuations are more streamlined in the event of another emergency — particularly in overcoming language and transportation barriers.

“The mayor and local volunteers who took a leadership role deserve great credit for being repsonsive and aggressive in the hours leading up to the storm,” said Squadron. “But we also saw the plan has weaknesses that must be addressed in case we ever have an issue like this again.”


NY Daily News: Tenants' association president shows moxie, helps evacuate East Side complex in face of storm

By Juan Gonzalez

As Hurricane Irene was storming up the coast toward New York on Thursday night, Aixa Torres, 59, of the Smith Houses on the lower East Side, got a shocking phone call from a housing authority manager in Manhattan.

"Aixa, we're going to have to evacuate everybody in your buildings," the manager told her.

This was hours before Mayor Bloomberg had issued an evacuation order.

The manager was alerting Torres because she is president of the Smith Houses tenants association and the agency needed her help.

More than 4,300 residents live in Smith Houses, a complex of 12 high-rise buildings along the East River.

Having lived in that project since she was 6, Torres knows most residents by name.


The Lo-Down: Smith Houses Tenant Leader Honored for Irene Evacuation Effort

Carroll Gardens Patch: Clinton Street Safest Alternative to Hamilton Avenue Pedestrian Bridge

By Georgia Kral

Crossing under the BQE across Hamilton Avenue on Clinton Street is the best way for school children and residents of Red Hook and Carroll Gardens to pass between the two neighborhoods.

The usual (safer) route, the Hamilton Avenue Pedestrian Bridge, which crosses over the highway, is closed for repairs. It will not re-open until at least the end of October. 

A recent meeting held by State Senator Daniel Squadron, and attended by community groups and representatives of the 76 Precinct and other elected officials, called on the State DOT to increase safety for residents and children who now have to cross the notoriously dangerous Hamilton Avenue.


NY1: Lower Manhattan Subway Stop Fully Reopened

After 10 years, the Cortlandt Street subway station fully reopened Tuesday and southbound service on the N and R lines in Lower Manhattan has launched again.

The station, which is located across the street from the World Trade Center, was closed for one year after the September 11th attacks and shut again in August 2005 as part of construction of the $1.4 billion Fulton Street Transit hub.

"This week the world's eyes are on Lower Manhattan. We are opening the station within 10 years of the anniversary of the event. We have taken an appropriate moment, nationally and internationally to remember that horrible day," said Manhattan-Brooklyn Senator Daniel Squadron.


Downtown Express: Torres and Smith Houses honored for evacuation efforts

By Aline Reynolds

As Hurricane Irene approached the Tri-State area last weekend, Tenant Association members at Smith Houses diligently knocked on neighbors’ doors and advised them to leave.

As a result, T.A. President Aixa Torres and an approximately 50-member volunteer group managed to evacuate almost 90 percent of the public housing development’s 1,920 residents — cause for a special honorary ceremony held by local elected officials on Wed., Aug. 31.

The politicians granted the volunteers individual certificates for their good deeds and sang their praises.

“The fact that this wasn’t a tragedy at Smith Houses isn’t only because the weather had turned and it got lucky. This wasn’t a tragedy at Smith Houses because you did the work to ensure it wasn’t a tragedy,” said N.Y.S. Sen. Daniel Squadron. “Congratulations for a job done extraordinarily well.”


The Lo-Down: Grants Go to Paul Taylor, Gulick Park, Allen Street

While the Lower Manhattan Development Corp., is winding down, it still has some money left to award.  Local elected officials, including U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer and State senator Daniel Squadron, have urged the LMDC to use some of the money to refurbish Pier 42, at the end of Montgomery Street.  While the city has plans to build a park and recreational area on the pier, there’s no money budgeted for the project.

Today, Squadron praised the LMDC for awarding the community grants. But, in a statement, he added, he would continue to “fight for the redevelopment funds necessary to compete the East River Waterfront park, including the redevelopment of Pier 42.”


NY1: I Remember: State Senator Daniel Squadron Recalls 9/11 Attacks

NY1 VIDEO: As part of NY1's coverage of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, State Senator Daniel Squadron discusses his memories of the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Click here to watch video.


Downtown Express: Planting trees of remembrance here and in D.C.

By John Bayles

The life of a tree tends to be longer than a human’s. Perhaps that is why ceremonial tree plantings are common when it comes to commemorating the lives lost.

On Monday, Community Board 1 hosted a tree-planting ceremony in Battery Park, where a pin oak tree was planted near Castle Clinton. It is the first of numerous trees that will line a bike path connecting the city’s west and east sides. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, U.S. Congressman Jerrold Nadler, NYC Comptroller John Liu, Councilmember Margaret Chin, NYS Sen. Daniel Squadron and C.B. l Chair Julie Menin all got their hands dirty as they put shovels in the ground.


Downtown Express: Delightful opening for new Spruce St. School

“The school is just another reminder of how great Lower Manhattan is doing,” said State Senator Daniel Squadron, “and that we need to stay ahead as our community grows.”