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The New Be Good Business: Albany Gives Birth to New York’s Benefit Corporation

Wednesday, June 16, was a typical day in Albany. After arguing about ancient gladiators, senators approved a bill legalizing mixed martial arts in New York; the comptroller promoted a Web video scolding lawmakers for wasting time on the delayed state budget; and gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino asked supporters to vote on names-Give Me Liberty, Joe Citizen, LiberTea-for his new party.


Huffington Post Op-Ed: Beyond the Occupation

By State Senator Daniel Squadron and Assemblyman Rory Lancman

Much has been made of the lack of specific demands of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.   But the themes underlying the protests are clear: accountability on Wall Street for the financial crisis that tanked the global economy; shared sacrifice as we pull ourselves out of an economic mess that the middle class and working poor didn't create; and a political system controlled by people, not corporations.



Squadron and Silver: New Type of Corporation Will Unlock Billions in Investments for New York, Change the Way New York Does Business

ALBANY – Last night, State Senator Daniel Squadron and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s bill to bring benefit corporations to New York was signed into law by Governor Cuomo, changing the way New York does business.

Benefit corporations will create a new industry of corporations with a "double bottom line" of profit and socially-responsible practices – unlocking billions in potential investments in companies that pursue a positive material impact on society and the environment.

"Benefit corporations will mean New York is open for business in an important new way. Benefit corporations will unlock billions of dollars in new investments in New York while empowering companies to do well and do good,” said Senator Squadron. “By offering this opportunity to entrepreneurs and investors, New York will bring new businesses into the state, new investors into the market and a new socially-minded approach for our entrepreneurs. I'd like to thank Speaker Silver for championing this bill in the Assembly, and Governor Cuomo for making benefit corporations law and making New York's economy stronger, more innovative, and more diverse."


Senator Squadron, Speaker Silver, Secretary of State Perales Welcome New York's First Benefit Corporations

Silver-Squadron Bill Allowing Businesses to Pursue Socially Responsible Practices as well as Profit Became Law Today

Businesses Line Up to Become First Benefit Corps in the State

NEW YORK – State Senator Daniel Squadron, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and Secretary of State Cesar Perales today welcomed New York's first benefit corporations, as legislation allowing businesses to pursue socially responsible practices as well as profit went into effect. Secretary Perales accepted the paperwork to register the businesses as New York’s first benefit corporations.

The Squadron-Silver legislation (S79-A/A4692-A), signed into law in December, makes New York the seventh state in the country to allow benefit corps, which are companies that have a “double bottom line” of profit and socially or environmentally responsible practices.