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Senator Squadron Statement on Comprehensive Ethics Reform

"The Republican opposition to our strong ethics package -- sponsored by myself and Senator Sampson -- and the fact that our conference was down one vote today means we will have to wait for passage.  While it is frustrating to wait, I strongly believe it is better to be able to pass our whole reform package – made up of two crucial bills – than to vote today on a piece of the package and come away with only half the changes we need."


State looking at several measures to reform Albany

Feature article in Courier-Life Publications

By Stephen Witt

While not quite the new sheriff of Albany, recently elected State Senator Daniel Squadron is beginning to make an impact on possible reforms in Albany.

The freshman lawmaker who was elected last year representing parts of lower Manhattan along withBrooklyn Heights and Carroll Gardens has introduced several bills that have longtime Albany watchdog groups wagging their tail.


Senate G.O.P. Blocks Stronger Albany Ethics Rules

By Danny Hakim and Nicholas Confessore

Feature article in The New York Times

ALBANY— Republicans in the State Senate blocked a plan to overhaul the state’s ethics laws Thursday night, the latest blow to attempts to reform New York’s scandal-prone government.

he vote was taken at a special session of the State Senate as lawmakers also returned to the capital to confirm new leaders for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the state Insurance Department.


Our Most Available State Senator

Feature article in the Grand Street News

State Senator Daniel Squadron emailed us to say he joined with parents, educators and other community members for a Back-to-School forum last month, to discuss education and local schools, highlighting challenges and priorities for this school year.

He also launched a month-long series of community conference calls to follow up on the first-ever 25th Senate District Community Convention he hosted in March.


A Senate freshman in the center of Albany’s fights

Feature article in The Downtown Express

By Josh Rogers

Daniel Squadron didn’t bring Albany to a standstill for over a month, nor has he ever been arrested for domestic violence, but he nevertheless was one of the state senators making news this year in one of the most turbulent sessions in the Capitol’s history.


The Fog of Ethics in Albany

Feature article in the New York Times

Extortion, bribery, racketeering — those are just some of the crimes that have sent members of the New York State Legislature to jail in the last five years. The good news is that the authorities caught up with them. The bad news is how easily and how long they were able to exploit the system, and New York’s long-suffering citizens, before they were caught.


Squadron Still Tireless

You know something, I think we got a good deal voting Daniel Squadron into office a year and a half ago. He's definitely moving about, legislating all over the place and generally not letting the grass grow between his politically committed toes. It helps, of course, that his party now rules the State Senate (with minor interruptions), and it helps that the guy is a born policy wonk. So we ask him periodically what he's been up to, and he e-grabs us by the lapels and informs.


Senator Squadron Selects Community Leader Catherine McVay Hughes as One of New York’s Women of Distinction

State Senate Honors McVay Hughes for Dedication to Redevelopment of Lower Manhattan and Community Concerns