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F Train Town Hall

This past summer, I called on the MTA to conduct a full line review of the F Train in response to the many constituent complaints I received regarding ongoing service problems.  In October, the MTA released the findings from this review in a comprehensive report (which you can find on my website at: www.squadron.nysenate.gov).


F train meeting next week

By Gary Buis

Feature article in Courier Life

The F train will rumble onto center stage next week, when the often frustrating subway line will be the focus of a public meeting.

State Senator Daniel Squadron and Community Boards 2 and 6 will host the event, planned for Thursday, Dec. 10 at 6:30 p.m. inside Public School 58, 330 Smith Street.

In October, New York City Transit released the findings of a full line review it conducted at Squadron’s request.


Safety first (First Place, that is)!

By Gersh Kuntzman

Here she is, Smith Street pedestrians — your new crossing guard.

Veteran traffic-stopper Diana Williams has been reassigned to the block between First and Second places to handle an increase in pedestrian traffic since the closing of the southern exit to the F train’s Carroll Street station.

OK, maybe a new crossing guard isn’t a big deal to you, but it was to state Sen. Daniel Squadron (D–Brooklyn Heights), who got Williams assigned to the block.


A drop of gas info could save gallons

By Daniel Squadron

This holiday season, millions of Americans will take to the road — and spend literally billions of dollars on fuel. We’ll be reminded once again that buying a car is not just a one-time expenditure. The cost adds up: a few more dollars every time you fill up at the pump.

Of course, it’s not just economics. Between global warming and the other negative effects of burning fuel, a growing number of consumers worry about the environmental impact as well.


Full Line Report on F Train:

This summer, after hearing from so many of you about the poor service you experience every day on the F train, I asked the MTA to do a full line review.


F Review - Appendices.pdf


Senator Squadron discussing transportation issues with seniors from the Southbridge Towers

On Friday, January 22, State Senator Daniel Squadron brought together over 40 seniors from the Southbridge Towers and representatives from the New York Police Department, the Department of Transportation, the Parks and Recreation Department, the MTA, and the Department of Design and Construction for a summit on transportation issues affecting Southbridge residents, including concerns about the safety of and access to the streets immediately surrounding Southbridge Towers.

Senator Squadron’s Push for Bowery Median Becomes Reality

New Median Will Provide Respite for

Pedestrians Crossing Dangerous Street


Voices of Community are Heard as DOT

Implements Much-Needed Traffic Calming Measure


Talking Point: A solution to stave off the tour bus crisis

BY State Senator Daniel Squadron


Elected Officials, Advocates, Families of Children Killed by Delivery Van Join to Urge Governor to Sign Bill Increasing Penalties Against Careless Drivers

New York, NY—Today, State Senator Daniel Squadron, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Council Member Margaret Chin, and Transportation Alternatives stood with May Ng, mother of Hayley Ng and Wana Wu, mother of Diego Martinez, to urge Governor Paterson to sign into law S5292C/A7917D, which increases the penalties for careless drivers who injure pedestrians, bicyclists and other road users. The legislation was introduced after the tragic deaths of Hayley Ng, 4, and Diego Martinez, 3, who were killed last year in Chinatown when a delivery van that had been left in reverse climbed the curb and hit the children. The driver in question was not charged with any infraction resulting from the children’s death. The Senate and Assembly passed the bill last month.