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Senator Valesky Calls for Responsible Budget Action and Long-Term Solutions

ALBANY, N.Y.—Senator David J. Valesky (D-Oneida) echoed the call for long-term budget solutions made by Governor Paterson during his Executive Budget presentation today.


Senate Passes Legislation to Ensure Children with Autism Receive the Medical Care They Deserve

Syracuse, NY - Landmark legislation (S7000B), co-sponsored by Senator David J. Valesky (D- Oneida), which will end the discriminatory practices by insurance companies against children with autism disorders passed the New York State Senate today.

“Often, families affected by autism are forced to pay for medical treatment on their own without the support of insurance agencies,” said Senator Valesky. “This legislation gives families the ability to rely on their insurance to help alleviate some of that financial impact.”


Bill Extending Health Benefits for Volunteer Firefighters Signed by Governor Paterson

ALBANY, N.Y.— Governor David Paterson signed legislation sponsored by Senator David J. Valesky (D-Oneida) that will extend cardiovascular health benefits for volunteer firefighters an additional five years (S.2769A).

“Everyday volunteer firefighters across New York put their lives on the line to protect our communities,” said Senator David Valesky. “Extending their benefits enables them to continue to protect the places they live, without compensating their health coverage.”

According to the law, firefighters stricken with heart problems while performing their duty are allowed to claim benefits unless substantial evidence is given that their activity as a firefighter did not cause the heart disease.