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Hurricane Sandy Updates

This storm is changing quickly and this morning Mayor Bloomberg ordered a mandatory evacuation of Zone A and other low-lying coastal areas is necessary. This means that everyone in these areas must leave and go somewhere outside the evacuation zone.


In addition, New York City schools will be closed tomorrow.


Hurricane Sandy continues to be a dangerous storm. Storm surges are predicted to reach 6 to 11 feet which would result in flooding in these areas beginning tomorrow morning. We expect the peak of this surge will take place from late Monday into early Tuesday, and flooding continue throughout Tuesday. We also expect that gale force winds will commence around sunset this evening.


Areas in the Evacuation Zone:



PUBLIC TRANSIT: The MTA will shut down all subway, bus, and commuter railroad service at 7 PM, Sunday. Services will resume 12 hours after the hurricane has passed NYC. For the latest information visit http://alert.mta.info

SCHOOLS: All NYC public schools will be closed Monday, October 29. A decision will be made Monday afternoon about Tuesday. Visit www.nyc.gov for updates.


Monday October 29th Advisory

No Public Transportation
Alternate Side Parking and Meter Rules Suspended
Public Schools are Closed