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Senator Savino sponsors free screenings and funding for women's health

(Brooklyn) – On Thursday October 22, women in Brooklyn received free mammograms from an event sponsored by Senator Diane J. Savino in conjunction with the American-Italian cancer foundation.  In addition, Senator Savino also announced that she had secured capital funding for future digital technology for the foundation.


Enrollment Awareness Event

Participants listening to a lecture on health care issue at the Enrollment Awareness Event at the AMICO senior center. 

Relief for Victims of Earthquake in Haiti

After the devastation caused by the massive earthquake in Haiti, large numbers of people within the country are in desperate need of assistance.  I am urging all of you to contribute to  relief efforts by clicking on the link below and contribute to one of the ogranizations listed.  Our thoughts go out to all of those that were affected by these events and the families and loved ones within our communities.