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NY Law Protects Workers From Wage Theft

by Vanessa Price on December 14, 2010

 Share New York Governor, David Paterson signed a bill into law which would protect wage earners from theft this week as a result of continued lobbying from advocates of immigrants and labor unions.

Under previous NY law, if employers stole worker wages, the penalty was to pay the money back to the wage-earner with a 25% penalty.


Sunnyside Worker Says His Wages Were Stolen

by Elizabeth Daley, Editor12/16/2010    At a rally outside an Associated Supermarkets store in Sunnyside last Friday, Sergio Guzman, a Latino immigrant, claimed he had not been compensated for his labor.       Whether Duran is guilty of wage theft remains to be seen, but according to state Sen. Diane Savino (D-Staten Island and Brooklyn), studies indicate that a large number of employees are earning less than state-mandated minimum wage and aren’t receiving the correct amount of overtime pay.    As a result, on Monday, Gov. Paterson signed the Wage Theft Protection Act into law. The measure increases penalties for employers who don’t follow the law.    ©Queens Chronicle 2010