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NYS Senator Eric Adams Discusses His Proposed Domestic Violence Registry Bill on PIX 11 Morning News

On Wednesday, April 20, 2011, New York State Senator Eric Adams stopped by PIX 11 Morning News to discuss his proposed domestic violence registry bill.

Watch the video here.


NYS Senator Eric Adams Responds To NY1 News Report Of A Major Loophole In The IRS E-filing System By Introducing New Legislation To Protect Unsuspecting Tax Fraud Victims

 On April 12, 2011, NY1 reported a major loophole in the IRS e-filing system which allows identity thieves to steal the income tax refunds of unsuspecting taxpayers.  The current e-filing system only requires an individual to provide either a  Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) as proof of identity.  Unfortunately, many EIN numbers can be accessed online, affording Identity thieves the opportunity to illegally acquire an individual's  EIN number, input false data, and electronically file tax returns even before unsuspecting taxpayers receive their W-2 forms. 


NYS Senator Eric Adams And Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries Propose Legislation To Educate High School Students About Dealing With Unwanted Newborn Babies

On Thursday, May 26, 2011, NYS Senator Eric Adams, Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries and Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes held a press conference to announce the proposed legislation that will require high schools to make it part of their public health curriculum to teach students what to do if they give birth to an newborn infant that they do not want.  


NYS Senator Eric Adams Responds To The Mauling Death Of A Four-Year Old Brooklyn Child

NYS Senator Eric Adams announced that he will introduce a Bill to hold the owners and trainers of “fighting dogs” criminally responsible for any physical injury or death caused by their dangerous canine breeds.

Senator Adams’ statement:  “The mauling death of a four-year-old child is a wake-up call that New York State must strengthen its dog fighting regulations.  Although current law makes it illegal to possess or train ‘fighting dogs,’ it does not hold an owner or trainer directly responsible for injuries sustained in an attack by these dangerous animals.


NYS Senator Eric Adams' Safety Video Is Used To Assist Parents Outside Of NY State

Due to recent violent events in Atlantic County, a series of town-hall meetings will be held in hopes to combat violence with help from the public.  Read the article here.


NYS Senator Eric Adams Introduces Legislation Which Will Compel The Reporting Of The Death Or Disappearance Of A Minor To Law Enforcement Within 24 Hours

In light of the trial of Casey Anthony, who failed to report the disappearance of her daughter Caylee Anthony for 31 days, Senator Eric Adams, who served in the New York Police Department for 22 years before retiring at the rank of Captain, has introduced legislation (Senate bill 5858) that would compel the reporting of the death or disappearance of a minor to law enforcement within 24 hours of such event. 


Press Conference & Prayer Vigil to Denounce Gun Violence

Senator Adams joined other elected officials and concerned citizens in decrying the recent gun violence in our city, particular the senseless slaying of Denise Gray, an innocent bystander who was killed while sitting on her front stoop Labor Day weekend.



Press Conference to Get the Facts Regarding the West Indian American Day Parade

At a press conference held at Brooklyn Borough Hall, Senator Adams, other elected officials and supporters stood by West Indian American Day Carnival Association President Yolanda Lezama-Clarke as she delivered the facts surrounding Labor Day weekend’s violence and this year's West Indian Day Parade.