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NYS Senator Eric Adams Supports the Reproductive Health Act


NYS Senator Eric Adams supports S5808, Senate legislation known as the Reproductive Health Act. The bill establishes the fundamental rights to choose contraception and determine the course of a pregnancy, decriminalizing abortion by authorizing the procedure prior to viability.


Press Statement regarding the passage of bill S.3111

Bill S.3111 gives parents of still born children the option to get birth certificates and name their children.

Senator Adams' states:

" I am heartened that Governor Cuomo has signed bill S. 3111 into law, as it provides a measure of compassion and solace to parents who have been subjected to an unfathomable set of circumstances.  Over the past two and a half years I've met with parents that have suffered the cruel fate of having a stillborn child.  No matter when the event transpired, they carry the pain as if it were yesterday.