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Senator Speaks Success to Redemption Youth Community Council

Senator Adams spoke with and encouraged the students of the Redemption Youth Community Council about the importance of staying in school and being a success, despite the disparities and obstacles in life.  Senator Adams also presented an award of appreciation to one of the students.


Senator Adams joined the 71st Precinct and Healthfirst in the Halloween Safe Walk

Senator Adams joined the 71st precinct and Healthfirst in the Halloween Safe Walk to ensure that children and parents enjoyed a fun and safe Halloween.


Senator Adams Co-hosts the Kick-off of the "Less Talk ... More Action" Tour

Senator Eric Adams co-hosted the kick-off event of the "Less Talk...More Action" tour, held at Medgar Evers College on October 27th.  Ryan Mack, President of Optimum Capital Management L.L.C. and author of "Living in the Village," launched the 8-city tour which will focus on improving financial literacy rates, reducing unemployment rates and reducing mass incarceration rates in African American communities.



Senator Adams Encourages Youth at Trinity Baptist Church

Senator Adams was the keynote speaker at the Trinity Baptist Church-GEMS Youth Ministry Awards Dinner in Crown Heights.  The GEMS youth group is involved in several community outreach programs, including "Feeding the Hungry," where meals were given to people in need, and Bible Study sessions at Marcus Garvey Nursing Home. Senator Adams encouraged the youth to continue to succeed and be a positive role model for their peers and their community.


New Playground Opens at P.S. 9

PS 9 hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of its new playground.  What was once a bleak asphalt lot with only a basketball court and broken play gym is now a completely refurbished school yard with a number of brightly colored and stimulating play spaces, from tennis courts to climbing structures.  The playground was built in conjunction with Out2Play and supported by funding from Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, the Department of Education and the Brooklyn Nets Community Alliance.


Senator Adams Brings Cheer to Children at Play Kids Store

Our Toy Drive was a great success! Toys were given to children at Kings County Hospital and additional toys were donated to their Pediatrics ICU.  Furthermore, Senator Adams, along with District Leaders Olanike Alabi,  Jesse Hamilton, Shirley Patterson and Robert Cornegy, hosted a Christmas Toy Giveaway at Play Kids, a new toy store located in the 20th Senatorial District in Brooklyn.  Children ages of 2 thru 10 years happily received a gift for the holiday season.


Save Our Children From Sex Abuse!

After recent reported cases involving Department of Education employees molesting students, Senator Eric Adams gives parents tips on detecting signs of pedophilia

In response to the continuing investigations of child sex abuse cases at P.S. 243 in Brooklyn and P.S. 87 in Manhattan, Senator Adams hosted an emergency community meeting to provide parents with information about warning signs of child sex abuse.

The meeting was in response to the re-arrest of a Department of Education employee who reportedly filmed sexual acts performed on children while in the school building.

Former sex crime prosecutor Attorney Ama Dwimoh joined Senator Adams at this emergency meeting to share her expertise about child sex abuse cases.



PRESS RELEASE---Senator Eric Adams & Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP) Partner on Awareness Campaign for April’s National Child Abuse Prevention Month

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Senator Eric Adams & Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP) Partner on

Awareness Campaign for April’s National Child Abuse Prevention Month


“One Simple Step Can Change a Child’s Life”


Senator Adams joins members of Always Our Kids at their annual Bar-B-Q

Senator Adams joins members of Always Our Kids at their annual Bar B Q