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Sen. Schneiderman At Graffiti Removal Announcement

Sen. Schneiderman was joined by elected officials, small business owners and community leaders in launching a neighborhood-wide graffiti cleaning program throughout the 31st Senatorial District. The money for this project was secured by Senator Schneiderman in the 2009-2010 state budget.

Sen. Schneiderman Introduces Bill To Expand Protection Of Freshwater Wetlands

In an effort to increase environmental conservation, Sen. Eric T. Schneiderman (D-Manhattan/Bronx) introduced a bill that expands protection of New York’s freshwater wetlands (S.6145).

When asked about the bill, Senator Schneiderman stated, “It is critical that we protect not only the wetlands themselves, but also the land adjacent to the wetlands. All too often those who are profiting off of destroying our natural resources are not punished for damage done to the surroundings areas—damage that can take a significant toll on the health of our children and the environment.”


Sen. Schneiderman Named New York's Greenest Senator

In its preliminary 2009 Voters’ Guide, Environmental Advocates named Senator Eric T. Schneiderman (D-Manhattan/Bronx) the greenest Senator in New York. The rating from the statewide advocacy group is based on Sen. Schneiderman’s support for green bills and opposition to bills that have a negative environmental impact.


Sen. Schneiderman Speaks About Green Jobs/Green New York

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Senate Passes Environmental Justice Legislation

Schneiderman Bill Extends Equal Environmental Protection To Every New Yorker