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MTA Bailout Package From Albany Would Curb Spendthrift Agency

New York Daily News

By Juan Gonzalez


Governor Paterson Announces $32.3 Million In Stimulus Funding For NYC Transportation Infrastructure

Sen. Schneiderman Hails Major Infrastructure Improvements Projects In District


Statement From Senator Eric T. Schneiderman on Ceiling Collapse At 181st Street Subway Station

"This is a wake up-call for the MTA. For years, the MTA has neglected to improve the conditions at the 181st Street Station, which has been plagued by structural problems, inordinate amounts of debris and elevator failures, among other issues. As a result of this ceiling collapse, subway service is paralyzed for nearly 70,000 daily riders in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx. This is a devastating disruption for our communities.


MTA Update On 181st Street Station And Service Disruptions

As a result of the ceiling collapse at the 181st Street Station in Washington Heights, subway service is still disrupted for commuters in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx. I share your frustration with this major inconvenience, but rest assured that my office has been in regular contact with the MTA to make sure this situation is resolved as quickly and safely as possible.As part of our discussions, the MTA has agreed to provide daily updates on the status of the repairs as well as service advisories. Below please find a copy of today’s update.


Subway Service Resumed at 181st Street Station

I am happy to report that the 181st Street Station on the 1 line has reopened. As of 5:00 am today, subway service, which was disrupted over the last several weeks as a result of the ceiling collapse at the 181st Street Station, has been completely restored. I understand your frustration with the inconvenience caused by the closure of this station, but I am confident this situation was resolved as quickly and safely as possible.


Victory For NYS Transit, MTA Doomsday Averted

Crisis averted.This week, the state Senate agreed on an MTA rescue plan that stopped the “doomsday” scenario so many New Yorkers feared. As a result of the deal, millions of subway and bus riders have been spared painful fare hikes and devastating service cuts.The MTA budget agreement also expands oversight of the agency, ending its dubious bookkeeping practices and illegal perks for board members. Check out this clip of me discussing the bill on the Senate floor.Don’t get me wrong, this plan is not perfect. Subway and bus fares will go up, but nowhere near the crippling hikes proposed by the MTA. That said, this deal will make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of New Yorkers – and that’s something to celebrate.