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Join The Fight For Your Money, Sign My E-Petition To Stop The Withholding Of Tax Refunds

Governor Paterson recently announced that he may consider delaying the tax refunds for millions of hard working New Yorkers. So many families and taxpayers are counting on receiving their hard earned tax refund in timely manner.

Withholding tax refunds in tough economic times is unfair.  Countless New Yorkers have plans for their refunds and for many their anticipated tax refund is vital to help make ends meet. Even with the serious economic challenges facing our state, withholding tax refunds is simply not the answer.

February 24, 2010

Move the 9/11 Terror Trials Out of New York

Like most New Yorkers, I am adamantly opposed to the Obama Administration’s decision to bring terrorists and enemy combatants to New York in order to be tried in federal civilian courts instead of military tribunal commissions.   

February 2, 2010

Join the Fight- Help Build A Stronger NY

Now more than ever we need to dramatically reform our state government. That is why, I have introduced a comprehensive plan that will institute the necessary changes and help make our state government function more effectively. My “Blueprint for A Stronger NY” will instill the highest level of fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency in our state government.

Highlights of the "Blueprint For A Stronger New York" include:

December 29, 2009
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