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Honoring Marine Lance Corporal Timothy Serwinowski from North Tonawanda

On Thursday, June 24, 2010, the New York State Senate unanimously adopted a resolution honoring Lance Corporal Timothy G. Serwinowski of North Tonawanda.  The 21-year old Marine was killed in Afghanistan last weekend.

In this video clip Senator George Maziarz, a North Tonawanda native, speaks on the floor of the Senate Chamber about the ultimate sacrifice made by our hometown hero, Lance Cpl. Serwinowski.  A moment of silence follows.

Senator Maziarz and Senator Larkin salute Purple Heart "Forever" stamp

An effort to honor military heroes that began in the New York State Senate 11 years ago has now resulted in the U.S. Postal Service announcing that the Purple Heart postage stamp has been classified as a “Forever” stamp, ensuring that it will continue in circulation.  The U.S. Postal Service officially unveiled and issued the Purple Heart “Forever” stamp in on May 5, 2011.