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NT's Frank Budwey speaks out against "soda tax"

This ad was created by New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes.  It features Frank Budwey, owner of Budwey's Supermarkets, which has stores in North Tonawanda, Kenmore, and Newfane.


Frank Budwey, the owner of Budwey’s Supermarkets in North Tonawanda, Kenmore, and Newfane, is featured in a new “New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes” television ad railing against the Governor’s proposed “soda tax.”


Senator Maziarz speaks out against the proposed Soda Tax at a rally in Albany

Senator George Maziarz is seen here speaking at a New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes rally in Albany on April 14, 2010.  He speaks out against Governor Paterson's proposal to levy a special tax on sugared beverages, such as soda. North Tonawanda grocer Frank Budwey is also mentioned in this clip.

Senate passes $3.3 billion tax cut and job creation plan

The New York State Senate has passed the Middle Class Tax Cut and Job Creation Plan that will reduce taxes for millions of hardworking, middle-class taxpayers to their lowest levels in more than half a century. In addition, the comprehensive plan will help strengthen our economy and create new jobs by eliminating the job-killing MTA payroll tax for more than 78 percent of the small employers that pay the tax. The plan will provide a total of more than $3.3 billion in tax relief to individuals and businesses.


Senator Maziarz: new TV tax is dead on arrival

In February, Senator Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn) introduced a bill (S.3827) that would impose a 5% excise tax on satellite television services—a tax that would be passed on directly to subscribers.

Senator George Maziarz (R-C, Newfane), Chairman of the New York State Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee, today said that this downstate senator’s attempt to levy a new tax on customers of DIRECTV, DISH Network, and similar services is dead on arrival.


Senate GOP issues report on tax reform; calls for simplified tax code

State Senate Republicans today issued a comprehensive report on state taxes that calls for personal income taxes, business taxes, estate taxes and local property taxes to be reformed, simplified and reduced.  The report makes sweeping recommendations for reducing the tax burden on all New Yorkers.  The plan recommends enacting a permanent two-percent state spending cap and dedicating surplus revenues to tax reductions.



Yes, Governor Cuomo, let's end the 18-a utility tax ASAP

Statement from Senator George Maziarz:  "Putting an end to the 18-a utility surcharge cannot come quickly enough.  I have been banging this drum louder than anyone else since 2009 when this tax was foolishly created to support bloated state spending.


Tax relief coming this fall

With so many hardworking families having a challenging time making ends meet, I have consistently made family tax relief one of my top priorities. 

That is why I am pleased to inform you about some of the new tax relief measures I’ve championed that will soon be helping local families throughout our region. 

$350 Family Tax Relief Checks