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Statement from Senator George Winner

Elmira, N.Y., February 26—State Senator George Winner (R-C-I, Elmira) released today the following statement in response to New York Governor David Paterson’s announcement that he will not seek election in November, but will remain in office until the end of his current term:

“It’s not clear to me how Governor Paterson will be able to govern in any effective or productive way.


Winner, colleagues renew call for special election in 29th Congressional District

Albany, N.Y., May 6--State Senator George Winner (R-C-I, Elmira) and his Senate Republican colleagues have introduced a resolution calling on New York Governor David Paterson to immediately set a date for a special election to fill the 29th congressional district seat that has been vacant since the resignation of Eric Massa on March 8th.


Statement from Senator Winner on 29th Congressional District

Elmira, N.Y., May 12--Earlier today New York Governor David Paterson said that he would call a special election in the 29th Congressional District -- but not until Election Day, November 2, 2010.

Senator Winner reacted to the governor's action with the following statement:

"Is he kidding?

"We’ve seen and heard some strange things from New York governors over the past few years, but this may be the strangest and most offensive action yet to the communities I represent.


Welcome to a new Albany?

There’s still plenty of unresolved business coming out of the 2010 elections. There’s a lot of vote-counting left to do, and it will be weeks, maybe months before anyone can offer any truly accurate assessment of the impact this election cycle has had on politics and government in New York State and nationally.

But one thing we can say for sure is that, just like in the words of the old song, “a change is gonna come.” 

It sure is.  And the state of where it all stands in New York was reflected in the days following Election Day with headlines like “Now comes the real fight” and “Rough road is ahead.”