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Medicaid Fraud Task Force Issues Recommendations

Albany, N.Y., August 2 – In his column from the Capitol this week, Senator Winner  discusses the fact that while New York governors and legislative leaders have been very good at convening commissions and task forces to study ways to address difficult challenges, these same state leaders have been far less effective at taking recommended legislative action.

You can read Senator Winner's column here.  

Senator Winner and Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli discuss the need to cut Medicaid costs.

Albany, N.Y. – Earlier this year the Senate Republican Task Force on Medicaid Fraud held a public hearing in Albany in an effort to jump-start action on a more effective strategy to combat Medicaid fraud.

In this video, State Senator George Winner (R-C-I, Elmira), a member of the task force, and Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli, who’s also currently president of the New York State Association of Counties, discuss the work of the task force prior to the hearing at the Legislative Office Building. 

For The Third Time

One of the golden rules of political communication is this one: tell your audience, then tell them again, and then tell them one more time.  By the third time, the traditional thinking goes, the citizens you’re trying to reach with your message may begin to listen and might even start to remember a little of what you have to say.

So I’ll return again this week, for the third time in the past few months, to the issue of Medicaid reform.  Not only do I believe it is one of the defining issues of the current election season, but how it gets addressed in the next legislative session that begins in January 2011 is going to go a long way toward deciding New York’s economic and fiscal future.


Pay Attention

It pays to pay attention.  That’s always great advice, but it sure isn’t advice that New York State has taken to heart when it comes to the cost of its Medicaid system.

In fact, New York leaders are being told a billion times a week that Medicaid is out of control and consuming state taxpayer dollars at an unsustainable pace.  Yet too often it just looks and sounds like not enough people are paying attention.  I say a billion times a week because that’s how much the system is costing taxpayers.  Medicaid costs approximately $52-billion-a-year in New York, or a billion dollars a week.