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Latimer & Otis Oppose Border Toll Proposal in Connecticut Legislature

(Port Chester, NY) Senator George Latimer and Assemblyman Steve Otis came out in opposition to a proposal making its way through the Connecticut State Legislature that would install tolls at the border of New York and Connecticut.  An independent study prepared for a Connecticut state agency showed that the placement of these tolls would cause an additional 14,000 cars per day to drive through Port Chester and Byram before getting back onto the highway after avoiding the toll. The proposal is designed to help close a $225 million deficit in the Connecticut Transportation budget.  Latimer and Otis sent a letter to NYS Transportation and Thruway Authority officials urging them to help combat the unnecessary burden on New York drivers in border areas.

March 4, 2015

Latimer, Buchwald, Otis & Paulin Announce Construction Grant Awards for Westchester Libraries

Senator George Latimer, Assemblymembers David Buchwald, Steve Otis and Amy Paulin have announced that 6 libraries in the 37th Senate District will receive new funding.  Below is the list of recipients, amounts and the uses of the grants.

June 16, 2014

Lee Roberts, Former Bedford Town Supervisor, Selected as 2014 Woman of Distinction

(Albany, NY) State Senator George Latimer has selected the former Bedford Town Supervisor and long time community activist, Lee Roberts as the 2014 NYS Senate Woman of Distinction.  Roberts served as Town Supervisor from 2003 through 2013 after serving for nine years on the Town Council.  Roberts was active in numerous other organizations both related and unrelated to her government service.

May 15, 2014

Senator Latimer & Assemblyman Otis Announce State Aid Increases to Sound Shore School Districts

(Albany, NY) With passage of the state budget, State Senator George Latimer (D-Rye) and Assemblyman Steve Otis (D-Rye) announced increases in state aid to Sound Shore School districts.    Assemblyman Otis stated,  “In this time of tight school budgets and pressure on the property tax levy, we are pleased to report successful efforts to increase state aid to Westchester school districts.  This year’s school aid package is the largest since before the recession and will help to maintain the educational programming our school districts work so hard to provide.”  

April 3, 2014

Latimer's Office Makes & Other Related NYS Tax Forms Available

(PORT CHESTER, NY) State Senator George Latimer has announced that beginning immediately, NYS income tax forms, including the IT-201, will be available for pickup at the Senator's office or via delivery for senior citizens who request them.

Up until a few years ago, New York State used to send forms out by mail. With that service no longer available, Latimer's office has taken the initiative to perform this function for local taxpayers. Forms are also available online at (which can be accessed by clicking on the button on the front page of this site)

January 31, 2014

Latimer Honored at Annual Rye Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

(Rye, NY) On Thursday June 6th, the Rye Chamber of Commerce honored State Senator George Latimer at their annual luncheon at the Wainwright House.  Latimer was honored for his consistent advocacy on behalf of the small business community in Rye dating back to his time as a City Councilman in Rye.  

June 7, 2013

Latimer Delivers Free Newspapers to Port Chester-Rye Brook Library

As part of his continual efforts to keep the public aware and informed of state issues, Senator George Latimer will continue to deliver The Legislative Gazette, a free, weekly publication that is distributed in Albany to the Port Chester-Rye Brook Public Library.  Senator George Latimer said, 'It is easy for elected officials to trumpet their own accomplishments in Albany to their constituents but our role as advocates is to present people with objective information and give them the ability to make the most informed decisions about public policy and other state issues.'

February 26, 2013

Senator Latimer & Assemblymember Mayer Host State Budget Forum in Yonkers

On Thursday, February 21st at the Grinton I Will Library, State Senator George Latimer (37th SD) and Assemblymember Shelley Mayer (90th AD) hosted a community budget forum to provide residents an opportunity to share their budgetary concerns and priorities with their representatives. 

February 26, 2013

Latimer's Office Announces Income Tax Preparation Assistance by Making IT-201 Forms Available at Office and By Delivery for Seniors

State Senator George Latimer has announced that beginning immediately, NYS income tax forms, including the IT-201, will be available for pickup at the Senator's office or via delivery for senior citizens who request them. 

January 30, 2013

Statement on Governor Cuomo's 2013-14 Budget Proposal

'Today, Governor Cuomo put forward his third executive budget proposal that is consistent with the needs of the economy; a budget with no new taxes and a spending increase that is less than 2% above the previous year's budget.  Over the last three years, the budget gap has dwindled, consumer confidence throughout New York has gone up and we have shown that our state provides a ripe climate to conduct business.  We have demonstrated to the taxpayers that we understand their needs and are doing what we need to in order to take the next steps toward a full economic recovery. 

January 22, 2013

Latimer Named Ranking Member of Education Committee and Receives 5 Additional Committee Assignments

State Senator George Latimer has been named the Ranking Minority Member on the State Senate’s Education Committee, his office announced today.  Latimer will now be the leading advocate for the Democrats on educational issues in the New York State Senate.  Senator John Flanagan of Long Island is currently the Chairman of the Education Committee.  

January 17, 2013

Latimer & Buchwald Hit the Ground Running

Partner with local governments to advance community priorities

(WESTCHESTER, NY) – Moving into the legislative session that will begin in January, two of Westchester’s recently elected state legislators have already hit the ground running.  State Senator-Elect George Latimer and Assemblyman-Elect David Buchwald are already working with local officials in Harrison, North Castle and Bedford to author and prepare important “home rule” legislation for introduction in the new legislative session. “Home rule” bills relate to pressing local matters that require an alteration of state law.  Latimer and Buchwald have already sent letters to the local government leaders in Harrison, North Castle and Bedford asking for them to organize their legislative priorities so they can be turned into legislative language, reviewed by counsel and eventually introduced to the Senate and Assembly for consideration.

January 1, 2013
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