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Senator Greg Ball's Statement On Sentencing of Former Senator Liebell

BREWSTER NY, (May 13, 2011)- Senator Greg Ball (R, 40th District –Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess), released a statement today following the sentencing of former Senator Vincent Liebell, a Patterson Republican who pleaded guilty earlier this year to obstruction of justice and tax evasion. Senator Liebell formally occupied the 40th district Senate seat, now held by Ball.


Ball Spearheads Ethics Reform, "Leibell Package"

Ball says, "Time to cleanup Albany's playpen of money laundering."

BREWSTER, NY- Senator Greg Ball (R, C-Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess) announced today his anti-public corruption legislative package, dubbed by some as the “Leibell Reforms,” which includes S4794, legislation creating new standards, strengthens ethics requirements and increases transparency regarding community projects grants, commonly known as "member-items,” as well as S3817 legislation requiring that pension rights be forfeited, when a public employee is convicted of certain crimes related to public employment.


Senator Ball Applauds Ethics Reform

“Corrupt public officials should not be supported by the taxpayers they defrauded”

Albany, N.Y. – (06/13/11) – Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) is applauding the passage of an ethics reform bill created to clean-up the climate of corruption in Albany. The ethics package (S5679/A8301), which includes Senator Ball’s so-called “Liebell Reforms,” will now strip public officials of their pension if they are convicted of a felony while on the job.


News12: Ex-state Sen. Vincent Leibell begins prison sentence


(07/13/11) YONKERS – Disgraced former state Sen. Vincent Leibell is spending his first night in a Pennsylvania prison tonight.

The once-powerful Republican from Putnam County will serve 21 months on a federal corruption conviction.