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Senator Rivera's Remarks on Consolidation of Corrections and Parole Agencies

Last night, Tuesday, March 29th, the State Senate took up the first two budget bills, which dealt with economic development, transportation and the consolidation of State agencies, such as Corrections and Parole. As the ranking member of the Crime Victims, Crime and Corrections committee, Senator Rivera pledged to stay vigilant to ensure that these two agencies' stated objectives and functions remain separate and independent of each even after their merger.


Bronx State Sen. Gustavo Rivera Passes First Piece of Legislation

By Jordan Moss – Bronx News Network Sen. Gustavo Rivera's office just tweeted that the freshman lawmaker just passed his first bill, which enables nonprofit organizations to post bail for defendants that can't afford to do it for themselves. In a press release, Rivera states: “Thousands of New Yorkers are held in jail each year because they simply cannot afford to post a few hundred dollars bail,” said Senator Rivera.


Bronxites who can't afford to pay bail for petty crimes get help from state legislature

By Daniel Beekman - New York Daily News

Thousands of Bronxites do hard time at Rikers Island because they can't afford to post bail.

 But new legislation headed to Gov. Cuomo's desk could set them free. 

Passed unanimously in June by the Senate and Assembly, the bill would allow charitable organizations to post bail for poor defendants held on petty charges. 

It was sponsored in the Senate by state Sen. Gustavo Rivera (D-Bronx) and modeled on the Bronx Freedom Fund. 

Not only do thousands of Bronxites serve time because they can't afford bail; many innocent defendants plead guilty rather than wait behind bars for jury trials, said Rivera, who expects Cuomo to sign the bill this month. 


Bronx pols propose new legislation that would house some incarcerated parents closer to their children

When Jinelle Griffin was 17, her mother was sent to prison seven hours away from the Bronx by car, near Lake Ontario.

For two years, Griffin and her mother barely saw each other. The trip was too long, expensive and exhausting for the Castle Hill teenager, and the experience was hard on both parent and child.

"It was so sad and I was just a student at the time," said Griffin, 22. "Being far away from your family can drive you crazy."

But new state legislation proposed by Bronx pols could change where New York prisoners with children are housed.




Bronx, NY – State Senator Gustavo Rivera (D,WF-Bronx) and Assembly Member Naomi Rivera (D-Bronx) introduced legislation in the State Senate and Assembly respectively that would establish a pilot program for the placement of incarcerated parents close to home and their children. Currently, the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision does not take into account whether an incarcerated individual is a parent and where their children are located when determining where that individual should be housed. Transportation plays a major role in whether parents and children see each other on a regular basis.