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Senator Farley Wishes a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

As we enter the Christmas and New Year’s holiday weeks, State Senator Hugh T. Farley (R, C, I – Schenectady) wishes constituents a happy and safe season.

“I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones,” Senator Farley said. “Please also take caution when driving to and from celebrations.”

Senator Farley reminds people that New York State has tough DWI laws, including, Leandra’s Law, which was strengthened earlier this year to provide new safeguards to keep drunken drivers off New York’s roads.


New Laws to Take Effect on Wednesday, January 1, 2014

As we depart 2013 and head into 2014, the New York State Senate continues to focus on ways to reduce spending, cut taxes and help businesses create new jobs. In fact, my colleagues and I recently released a report in November outlining how taxes need to be reformed. We also gave recommendations that would create jobs. We look forward to working with the Governor and the Assembly in 2014 on these recommendations. (Click on the link to view the report:

In the meantime, starting the New Year, on January 1st, the following new laws will take effect that already support the focus of reducing taxes: