Jack M. Martins's posts related to Crime

Senator Martins Supports Anti-Crime Bills

Senator Jack M. Martins voted in the New York State Senate today to pass a package of bills that would strengthen laws and toughen criminal penalties for certain sex offenses related to rape and child pornography. In addition, bills were passed to expand information on criminal background checks for individuals applying for employment in law enforcement and increasing penalties for the crime of criminally negligent homicide.

Legislation (S.1826), sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and supported by Senator Martins, would require consecutive prison sentences for each separate act of rape when an individual is convicted of multiple counts.


Senate Approves Bill to Increase Penalties for Reckless Driving

Proposal Gives New Tools to Prosecute Wrong-Way Driving, Other Dangerous Actions

With recent tragic accidents involving motorists driving the wrong way, the New York State Senate took up a measure to address the issue by passing a bill (S.3452) to help make roads safer by strengthening penalties for reckless driving and creating a new crime of aggravated reckless driving.

The legislation, sponsored by Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. and co-sponsored by Senator Jack M. Martins, enhances prosecution of individuals charged with dangerous driving behavior, especially when incidents involve people who are drunk or high and drive on roads in the wrong direction.


Senate Acts to Protect Children and Families From Abuse

The New York State Senate passed a legislative package that would strengthen penalties and provide additional protections for children and families who are victims of domestic or sexual abuse. The proposals build upon the Senate’s commitment to supporting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, preventing abuse from continuing, and ensuring appropriate penalties for criminals who prey upon the state’s most vulnerable populations.


Senate Passes Anti-Crime Package

Bills Strengthen Penalties for Sex Offenders, Bank Robberies and Home Invasions

The New York State Senate passed several anti-crime bills to strengthen penalties and create new charges for offenses relating to sexual abuse, bank robberies, home invasions and driving irresponsibly. The measures will help deter criminals, hold violators accountable and create safer communities throughout the state.

“It is crucial that we regularly evaluate and enhance the laws that protect our public safety,” Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said. “These bills address important issues and concerns that affect our homes, businesses and families. I encourage the Assembly to act so that we can help make our communities safer.”


Senator Martins Co-Sponsors Brittany's Law

Act Would Create Registry for Violent Felons

The New York State Senate today passed with wide bi-partisan support Brittany’s Law (S.3645B), a bill that would establish a statewide violent felony offender registry by requiring offenders to register with the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services upon release from prison. The law is intended to increase the safety of all New Yorkers by providing access to the list of convicted violent offenders.


Senate Passes Bills to Protect Families From Sex Offenders

The New York State Senate passed additional restrictions for sex offenders to help protect children and families. The four bills strengthen the penalties for not registering as a sex offender or following other post-release conditions, expand the current registry to include certain criminals serving sentences after committing a sex offense as a result of mental disease or defect, and prevent sex offenders from preying upon mental health workers and patrons in library settings.

“I fully supported these bills to provide additional protections for our children and families. We will not tolerate our children being preyed upon by sex offenders who need to follow the law,” said Senator Jack M. Martins. “Children and families deserve to be safe in our communities.”


Senate Passes DNA Databank Expansion Bill

Legislation Would Enact Governor's Proposal to Include Misdemeanors

The New York State Senate passed legislation for the largest expansion of the state’s DNA databank since it was created in 1994. The legislation mirrors the databank expansion plan proposed by Governor Cuomo in his Executive Budget to require people convicted of all felonies, as well as all misdemeanors in the penal law to submit DNA samples.


Senate Passes Package of Sex Crime Bills

The New York State Senate passed a series of bills, with the support of Senator Jack M. Martins, increasing penalties for people convicted of sex crimes against children.

The Senate passed legislation (S.1541A) that would increase criminal penalties for sexual contact between a child and a person in a position of trust, which includes any adult responsible for supervision of children when they are not with their parents. Currently, there are no additional penalties for sexual contact with a minor by persons in a position of trust.


Senate Measure to Combat Crime by Expanding DNA Databank Signed Into Law

A measure passed by the New York State Senate to expand the DNA Databank to include all crimes has been signed into law. The measure is seen as a major tool to protect New Yorkers and bring justice to crime victims by requiring that DNA sample be collected from everyone convicted of a felony or penal law misdemeanor.

“The use of DNA assists our law enforcement in solving crimes and is a valuable tool in prosecuting criminals as we work to protect the safety of our citizens,” said Senator Jack M. Martins, who supported the measure.


Senate Passes Bill to Protect Domestic Violence Victims

The New York State Senate passed legislation that gives judges the ability to consider well-established risk factors in determining bail or recognizance in domestic violence cases so that a victim and their family can be further protected from an assailant.

The bill (S.1414A) would allow the history of violence or threats of violence, prior orders of protection, and the accused’s access to guns to be considered by a judge, potentially affecting their release conditions and sparing many victims and their children additional harm or even death.

“This measure will add protection to victims of domestic violence who should be able to rely on the courts for greater protection,” said Senator Jack M. Martins, who supported the measure.