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Senator Martins' Legislation Critical to Upcoming Village Elections

Due to the efforts of State Senator Jack M. Martins , the Democratic process can go forward on March 15 when residents of villages head to the polls to vote in village elections. The New York State Senate recently passed legislation, sponsored by Senator Martins that allows village governments to continue to use lever voting machines for elections until December 31, 2012.


From the Desk of Senator Jack M. Martins

Perhaps the most important part of our Democratic process is our citizens’ ability to vote and elect those who will make the crucial decisions for our local governments. On the local level, villages provide our residents with basic services, from emergency services, water and garbage collection to snow removal. As the former mayor for a village for eight years, I am fully aware of the effectiveness of our local villages.

This March and June, residents will be going to the polls to elect fellow residents to serve on the various village boards. Our citizens must be able to vote in a system that is accurate and effective so that the Democratic process continues. It is critical for our system of government.


Senate Passes Independent Restricting Plan

Measure Would Reform Process to Redraw Lines in a Fair, Non-Partisan Manner

The New York State Senate passed a Constitutional amendment, sponsored by Senator John Bonacic (R-C-I, Mount Hope), that would significantly reform the process by which new legislative and Congressional district lines are determined. The amendment would create an independent, non-partisan apportionment commission, as called for in the NY Uprising pledge.


Senator Martins' Bill Allowing Fire Districts to Use Lever Voting Machines Passes Senate

A bill proposed by Senator Jack M. Martins to allow fire districts to use the traditional lever voting machines in their annual elections has passed the Senate.

Current election law requires the use of optical voting machines (scanner machines). This process would require fire districts to not only secure optical voting machines at a cost to the fire district but also fire districts would be required to purchase a paper ballot for the scanner machines for every registered voter in the district at a cost of $0.55 each.


Senator Martins Passes Bill to Make Lever-Style Voting Machines Permanent for Local Elections

State Senator Jack M. Martins, chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Local Government, passed a bill in the Senate to allow villages, school districts and special district to continue to use lever-style voting machines for their local elections and votes.

Lever-style voting machines are widely preferred by villages, school districts and special districts because of their ease and availability as opposed to alternatives, which have been found to be prohibitive both in terms of costs and practicality.