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Senator Martins Meets With Fire Chiefs From the 7th Senate District

As part of his district tour and meetings with community groups and stakeholders throughout the 7th Senate district, State Senator Jack M. Martins met today with Fire Chiefs to discuss community issues, state funding and mandate relief. The meeting centered around composing strategies to help volunteer firefighters and emergency responders. Fire Chiefs from throughout the 7th Senate District, from Franklin Square to Port Washington, came together at the Mineola Fire Department to talk and work pro-actively together.


Senator Martins Meets With Fire Chiefs From the 7th Senate District

State Senator Jack M. Martins met with the fire chiefs from the departments in the 7th Senate District in an effort to listen to their concerns.

Senator Martins Attends Patriot Flag Ceremony in Floral Park

On Saturday, April 2, Senator Jack M. Martins joined the Floral Park Fire Department for the Flag and Memorial Wall ceremony. The 9-11 Patriot Flag is making a tour of all 50 states and flew over Floral Park. The flag is 30X55.5 feet and weighs 75 pounds. It was raised by two aerial ladder fire trucks at the Reliance Firehouse parking field on Jericho Turnpike and Holland Avenue.

The ceremony was extremely emotional since it paid tribute to Keith Fairben and Ronald Kloepfer, who died on 9-11 while coming to the rescue of others.


Senator Martins Stands With the Floral Park Fire Department to Raise 9-11 Patriot Flag

In an emotional ceremony on Saturday, April 2, the Floral Park Fire Departmetn raised the 9-11 Patriot Flag in honor of Keith Fairben and Ronald Kloepfer, two local heroes who died on 9-11 whle coming to the rescue of others. Senator Jack M. Martins was honored to attend the ceremony.

Senator Martins Swears in Officers of the Albertson Fire Company

On March 19, Senator Jack M. Martins swore in the officers of the Albertson Fire Company at the company's annual dinner at the Royalton in Roslyn Heights. Also, Senator Martins had the opportunity to recognize Dennis A. Craine and Peter F. Brala, who were being honored for 50 years of service to the company. Both have committed decades to the company inservice to the community.

Mineola Fire Department Makes Senator Martins an Honorary Chief

For eight years, Senator Jack M. Martins served as the Mayor of Mineola during which time he saw first-hand the commitment and dedication the men and women of the Mineola Fire Department gave to the community.

In times of emergency when residents and business owners are in need, the Mineola Fire Department is always answering the call. Whether it’s a raging fire, power outage or snow storm, the brave men and women of the department are ready and willing to help.

Recently, the Mineola Fire Department, led by Chief Rob Connolly, 1st Assistant Chief Joe Pratt and 2nd Assistant Chief Jeff Clark, bestowed upon Senator Martins the title of “Honorary Chief” and presented him with a fire helmet from the department.


Senator Martins Honors Manhasset-Lakeville Firefighters For 25 Years of Service

Senator Jack M. Martins recently honored George Katramados and Joseph Bacik for 25 years of service in the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department. Senator Martins also congratulated Ex-Chief Kyle Dugger for his leadership in his years as chief.

“The men and women who make up the volunteer fire services are special people. They sacrifice their time for the good of others. I want to recognize George Katramados and Joseph Bacik for their years of service as well as Ex-Chief Kyle Dugger for his leadership,” said Senator Martins. “They have served their community with dedication and distinction.”

Senator Martins presented each of the honorees with Senate Resolutions that were read on the floor of the Senate to recognize their accomplishments.


Senator Martins Attends Fundraiser For Firefighter Max Devane

On February 4, the New Hyde Park Fire Department was called to a fire on 6th Avenue. Among those firefighters who responded was Max Devane of Estates Engine Company #3. Devane was seriously injured while battling the basement fire, requiring five weeks of hospitalization and rehabilitation to recover from his injuries. He even had to withdraw from classes at SUNY Maritime, where he was going to school.

On Friday, April 29, a benefit was held for Max Devane at the Protection Quarters. Senator Jack M. Martins attended to show his support. "I had to come out and show my support for Max. He is one of New Hyde Park's bravest and deserves the support of the community. When the community needed him, Max answered the call," said Senator Martins.


Senator Martins Speaks to Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York

On a recent Friday morning, Senator Jack M. Martins had the opportunity to travel to Lake Placid to speak to the Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York. Senator Martins spoke about legislation he sponsored that strengthens the consolidation law. The legislation makes it clearer for residents to under the ramifications of consolidating or dissolving a special district. Prior to making such as decision, residents should know who would pick up their fire fighting services if they were to considering dissolving a fire district. As the chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Local Governments, Senator Martins is well aware of the value of the fire services in the Seventh Senate District and around the state.

Senator Martins Attends Installation For Floral Park Centre Fire Company

Senator Jack M. Martins recently attended the 86th Annual Installation Dinner Dance for the Floral Park Centre Fire Company.

Among the honorees were: Thomas Garland for 25 years of service; James Ficht and Thomas Freeman for 25 years of service; William Delgado, Leonard Garofalo, Thomas Garofalo and Kenneth Weigel for 20 years of service and Kevin Moon for five years of service.

Also, ex-chief John A. Brady received honors posthumously for his service to the company.