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Senator Martins Stands With the Floral Park Fire Department to Raise 9-11 Patriot Flag

In an emotional ceremony on Saturday, April 2, the Floral Park Fire Departmetn raised the 9-11 Patriot Flag in honor of Keith Fairben and Ronald Kloepfer, two local heroes who died on 9-11 whle coming to the rescue of others. Senator Jack M. Martins was honored to attend the ceremony.

Senator Martins Swears in Officers of the Albertson Fire Company

On March 19, Senator Jack M. Martins swore in the officers of the Albertson Fire Company at the company's annual dinner at the Royalton in Roslyn Heights. Also, Senator Martins had the opportunity to recognize Dennis A. Craine and Peter F. Brala, who were being honored for 50 years of service to the company. Both have committed decades to the company inservice to the community.

From the Desk of Senator Jack M. Martins

Times are indeed changing in Albany and for the better. Not only do we have an on-time budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year, but we went through the process with both sides of the aisle working together. The budget passed with overwhelming support in the legislature. Most importantly, we passed a fiscally-responsible budget that closed a $10 billion deficit without raising any taxes or fees. It is quite a change from years past when our state government found a way to overspend and overtax in the middle of a financial crisis. Quite frankly, we couldn’t suffer another year of those past practices and so we made a commitment – we would balance the budget, not on the backs of our taxpayers, but by cutting spending.


Senator Martins' Legislative Update From Albany

In his latest legislative update from Albany, Senator Jack M. Martins speaks about the state budget, restoring funding for schools, libraries and the EPIC program. He also spoke about event tht have taken place in Albany and the 7th Senate District.

Village of Mineola Honors Senator Martins

After a busy Monday in Albany, Senator Jack M. Martins travelled home to the Village of Mineola to see his good friend Scott Strauss sworn in as the new Mayor of the village. Senator Martins served as Mayor of the Village of Mineola from 2003 to 2011. He stepped down when he was elected to the New York State Senate.


Senator Martins Holds Mobile Office Hours at the Hillside Public Library

On Thursday, April 7, Senator Martins held mobile office hours at the Hillside Public Library in New Hyde Park. The purpose of mobile office hours is to make constituent services accessible to the communities in the 7th Senate District. Residents had the opportunity to come to the library and make Senator Martins and his staff aware of any concerns they may have. Senator Martins also answered questions about state issues.

“It’s important to make our office accessible to the public. Our staff is always available in our District Office, but, through mobile office hours, we are able to make ourselves available to help our constituents in their own communities. It’s what we’re here for. I want to thank the Hillside Library for having us,” Senator Martins said.


Senator Martins Tours Great Neck Arts Center

Senator Jack M. Martins spent a recent Friday morning visiting the Great Neck Arts Center, where he received a tour of the center from Executive Director Regina Keller Gil and Development Director Caroline Sorokoff.

Senator Martins was able to get a glimpse of 3D art of Dov Lederberg and Yael Avi-Yoneh, which is on display on the center until May 1. Senator Martins also toured the ceramics room, the drawing room and the studio.

The Great Neck Arts Center is a premier venue for art, music, dance, drama, film and literature. It offers a wide variety of education classes for both adults including singing and children. The center also offers an outreach program.


Mineola Fire Department Makes Senator Martins an Honorary Chief

For eight years, Senator Jack M. Martins served as the Mayor of Mineola during which time he saw first-hand the commitment and dedication the men and women of the Mineola Fire Department gave to the community.

In times of emergency when residents and business owners are in need, the Mineola Fire Department is always answering the call. Whether it’s a raging fire, power outage or snow storm, the brave men and women of the department are ready and willing to help.

Recently, the Mineola Fire Department, led by Chief Rob Connolly, 1st Assistant Chief Joe Pratt and 2nd Assistant Chief Jeff Clark, bestowed upon Senator Martins the title of “Honorary Chief” and presented him with a fire helmet from the department.