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Senator Martins Honors Community Hero

Scout from New Hyde Park Saved His Sister's Life

Within the New York State Senate chamber in the Capitol in Albany on a busy Thursday afternoon, the focus of all members of the Senate are on an 11-year-old resident of New Hyde Park. As Senator Jack M. Martins announces what brought Sean Nidermaier, a fifth grade student at the Notre Dame School, to the center of state government, he done so with a sense of pride.

“There are great things in store for this young man and his family,” Senator Martins said about Sean, who was accompanied in Albany by his proud parents Scott and Katie as well as his sisters Emma, Cailin and Braidy Grace, his scout leader Elizabeth Castelli and Sean’s good friend Michael Castelli


From the Desk of Senator Jack M. Martins

The Smaller Picture

I wish I could remind all the folks in Washington D.C. and Albany that if they look beyond the special interest agendas that consume them, they would find most of us still waiting on what counts: the economy.

For all the media hoopla that highlights and exploits our disagreements, most people want exactly the same things: they want to work and make a decent living at a job that’s secure; they want to raise their families in peace; they want a good education for their kids and maybe a few of the finer things in life like a vacation or a new car once in a while. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. At one time all of these were taken as a given.


Senator Martins Passes Bill to Increase Penalties for Drug Dealers

Dealers Who Sell Drugs to Minors Under 14 to Face Stiffer Penalties

The New York State Senate passed legislation. sponsored by Senator Jack M. Martins, toughening the penalties for drug dealers who sell to children.

The bill (S.988) makes the sale of drugs by an adult to a child under the age of 14 a class A-II felony.

“We need a no-nonsense policy when it comes to drug pushers who prey on our children,” said Senator Martins. “There is no excuse for anyone selling drugs to children 14 and younger. This bill holds them accountable. And makes sure they are taken off the streets.”

The bill will be sent to the Assembly.


Guggenheim Elementary School Welcomes Senator Martins as Guest Reader

The Guggenheim Elementary School in Port Washington welcomed Senator Jack M. Martins as a guest reader. The Senator spend a Friday morning after a hectic week in Albany, reading with the students in Mrs. Pheifer's kindergarten class. Senator Martins read "Rocket Writes a Story" with the students.

Senator Martins commented on what a terrific school Guggenheim is and how is looking forward to seeing the students again as they progress through their education in the Port Washington School District, one of the best on Long Island.


Senator Martins Attends Hofstra Lecture Series on the 'Brutal Fight to Get Sandy Aid'

Senator Jack M. Martins attended the Hofstra University Distinguished Lecture Series. Congressman Peter King was the keynote speaker. The subject was the "Brutal Fight to Get Sandy Aid" and dealt with the struggle following the Hurricane to get Congress to approve FEMA aid to rebuilt regions that were hard hit by the storm.

Senator Martins Addresses NYS Society of CPAs

Senator Jack M. Martins was the guest speaker at a recent meeting of the Nassau County Chapter of the New York Society of CPAs. The Senator was honored to join with the society in discussing important issues to New York State such as efforts in the Senate to give families tax relief by extending tax credits and restoring the STAR rebate checks.

From the Desk of Senator Jack M. Martins

Building the Ark

There’s an old joke about God commanding a modern-day Noah to build an ark, warning him that the earth would be flooded in a year. Twelve months later, all Noah had was a pile of logs. He said, “God, forgive me but there were big problems. “Like what?” God asked.