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Senator Martins to Sponsor Child Car Seat Safety Day on September 24

Seat belts and car safety restraints can save lives. While on the road, it is necessary to ensure that your child is secure in a car seat to maximize safety. Under New York State’s Occupant Restraint Law, all children under the age of 8 are required to have a child safety restraint system. It can be a child safety seat, a harness, a vest or a booster seat attached with the vehicle seat belt or latch system, but not the vehicle seat belt alone.


Senator Martins Throws Out First Pitch at Williston Park Little League Opening Day Festivities

On Saturday, April 14, the Williston Park Little League held its opening day festivities to mark the start of the season. SenatorJack M. Martins had the honor of throwing out the first pitch. Senator Martins told all the players to play well, show good sportsmanship, be safe and, most importantly, have fun.

Senator Martins' Bill to Protect Childen Left Unattended in Motor Vehicle Passes Unanimously

The New York State Senate passed a bill that would require children under 8 years old not be left alone in a car without supervision of someone twelve or older when the conditions present a significant risk to the health and safety of a child. The legislation, (S.306) sponsored by Senator Jack Martins (R-C-I, Mineola), is intended to keep young children safe when conditions, such as hot and cold weather, present a risk to safety of the child.

"Leaving a helpless child behind, alone, in a vehicle for any length of time is dangerous, period,” said Senator Martins. “We owe it to our children to hold irresponsible parents accountable. This bill does that."


Senator Martins Honors NYS Youth of the Year From Hicksville

Harneet Gulati Touts Hicksville Boys & Girls Club For Encouragement

New York State Senator Jack M. Martins congratulated the New York State Youth of the Year Harneet Gulati for her work in the community and for her positive impact on its young people.

“Harneet is a shining example of the leadership our young people show in giving of their time and talents to improve the lives of others. Her perseverance and the encourage of the Hicksville Boys and Girls Club says a lot of our community. Congratulations to Harneet and thank you to the Hicksville Boys and Girls Club,” Senator Martins said.

Harneet penned an essay about how she got involved with the Hicksville Boys and Girls Club and her volunteer work. It is published below: