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Seward: State Must Do More For Ski Areas

The state is taking action to help retain jobs at local ski resorts and at the businesses dependent on the tourists who patronize the resorts, Senator James L. Seward said today.Seward said the state Department of Economic Development would be authorizing an emergency appropriation of $225,000 for an "I Love NY" radio campaign to boost attendance at the ski resorts.

February 1, 2007

Senate Unveils Higher Education Proposals

Senator James L. Seward, a member of the Senate Higher Education Committee, andthe senate majority conference have introduced a comprehensive package of proposals that would make obtaining a college education more affordable for New York’s students, help families with soaring tuition expenses, provide new incentives to college students to keep them living and working in New York when they graduate and recognize the sacrifices and service of our military personnel by making it easier for New York’s servicemen and women to attend college.

January 30, 2007

Seward Files Otsego Tax Relief Bill

 State Senator James L. Seward has filed legislation that would provide Otsego County with explicit authorization to issue refunds to taxpayers for the difference between the county's adopted tax levy in its 2007 budget and the adjusted levy resulting from this year's budget amendments. Senate bill 1656 was filed Tuesday, January 24."The county board has asked for special state legislation that would grant them very specific authority to issue refunds," Senator Seward said.

January 25, 2007

Senate Passes Massive Property Tax Relief Plan

The New York State Senate today passed a three part plan (S.1) to significantly expand the Senate-initiated property tax relief rebate program to provide $2.6 billion in property tax relief this year and $3.4 billion in 2008, Senator James L.

January 23, 2007

Seward's Committees Include Ag, Education

Two top areas of concern in the 51st senatorial district will be the focus of committee assignments received by State Senator James L. Seward, R-C- I/Milford for the new senate session beginning this month.

January 22, 2007

Senate Okays Key Budget Reforms

The New York State Senate today passed budget reform legislation to increase accountability, openness and transparency in the state budget process and help ensure passage of on-time budgets. The bill (S.1322) reflects an agreement among the senate, gGovernor and assembly."For more than a decade, the senate majority has been fighting to reform the state budget process, not only to ensure that a budget is passed on time, but to make the budget more open and accountable," Senator Seward said.

January 22, 2007

Seward Looks At Ski Area Fix

State Senator James L. Seward said today the state senate is looking at ways to assist businesses hurt by the lack of activity at the state's ski resorts. Area ski resorts like Hunter and Windham Mountain and tourism-related businesses that support them are feeling the pinch of lack of snow and skiers, Seward said. The lack of snow has dampened the snowmobiling rush also, Seward said, and retailers, hoteliers and restaurants are suffering. "The drop in tourism and visitors to Greene County is significant, and it's affecting local businesses," Seward said.

January 18, 2007

Seward Unveils $1.3 Billion Small Business Assistance Package

Senator James L. Seward and senate Republicans today unveiled a small business and manufacturing assistance plan that would create jobs and grow small businesses in New York. Sewardannounced the plan following his tour of the district last announcing that property tax relief and help for small businesses would be part of his "Upstate Revival" agenda. The plan would provide $490 million in assistance in the first year and almost $1.3 billion in tax relief and assistance to small businesses when fully implemented after three years.

January 9, 2007

Seward Outlines 2007 Agenda

Saying "I wasn't re-elected to defend the status quo," State Senator James L. Seward outlined his 2007 legislative agenda at a press conference today, citing property taxes as his top priority."Three issues top our list of New Year's resolutions: No new taxes and fees; sigificant and additional property tax relief; and changes in state government," Seward said.No new taxes. "We must pass a state budget without new taxes or hidden fee increases," Seward said. "We did it in 2006, and we can and should do it again.

January 5, 2007

Area Arts Groups Get State Grants

State Senator James L. Seward today announced state grants for several area arts and cultural organizations. Seward said the grants broaden opportunities for the public to participate in local arts events and support local tourism attractions. "Local arts and cultural groups enrich the quality of life in our communities," Seward said, "and they are a special boon to our rural areas.

December 20, 2006

Seward To Announce $2 Million For Foothills

State Senator James L. Seward will announce $2 million in a special state senate grant for Foothills Performing Arts Center at its opening night gala of "Amahl and the Night Visitors" Friday, December 15, 8:00 p.m. at the center on 25 Market Street. The funding comes on top of $4 million included in the 2006 state budget and announced in March by Seward and $500,000 awarded by the governor, bringing total state support for Foothills to $6.5 million.

December 14, 2006

Hunter Man Named To State Panel

Russell R. Coloton, Jr., of Hunter, NY has been confirmed by the state senate to serve an additional term on the Passenger Tramway Advisory Council, Senator James L. Seward announced today. Seward is a member of the Senate Finance Committee, which must consider nominations before they are acted upon by the full senate.Coloton, the president of Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl, holds a degree in ski area management from Gogebic College in Ironwood, Michigan.

December 13, 2006

Seward Offers State Help For Windham Program Focusing On Disabled

Windham's Adaptive Sports Foundation is in line for a $1.2 million state economic development award, State Senator James L. Seward announced today. Seward unveiled the funding at a press conference in Windham at the foundation. The funding will assist the foundation's capital campaign toward financing of the $3.8 million, handicapped accessible Gwen Allard Adaptive Sports Center and chair lift that connects the center to the Windham Mountain Ski Resort. "The sports center is a tremendous asset to the area and to those with disabilities," Senator Seward said today.

December 12, 2006

Seward Unveils Hyde Hall Funding

An $800,000 grant will restore an original access route to historic Hyde Hall and provide a 100 foot long historically correct walking bridge for patrons to enter the grounds of the hall, Senator James L. Seward announced at a press conference today. Seward was joined by representatives of Hyde Hall at the announcement.The grant comprises $640,000 in federal transportation funding and $160,000 in state dollars through the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

December 7, 2006

Seward Announces Community Center Funds

Senator James L. Seward today announced $25,000 in state funding for the City of Cortland's Police Outreach Program, which includes community police services at the East End Community Center. The program is a cooperative effort between the Cortland Police Department and the Cortland Youth Bureau. Its objective is to foster positive relationships between area residents and local law enforcement.

December 1, 2006

Seward Unveils "safe Community" Anti-drug Funding

Joined by police chiefs from around Herkimer County, State Senator James L. Seward today announced a $50,000 grant to develop a collaborative anti-drug police task force in Herkimer County. Seward unveiled the funding at a press conference at the Ilion Police Department."The sheriff and local police chiefs are concerned about growing drug traffic in Herkimer County," Seward said. "They approached me to discuss state assistance to develop a narcotics task force among cooperating municipal police departments and the sheriff.

November 28, 2006

A Thanksgiving Thought

While I typically devote this web site to the work of state government and the efforts of the New York State Senate to propose, craft and pass laws that would improve our lives, this week I wanted to take a momentary departure to observe one of the governmental roots of Thanksgiving. The following proclamation was issued by President George Washington in 1789, and is considered the first governmental observance of what we know today as Thanksgiving.

November 22, 2006

Seward To Bring D.m.v. Office To Old Forge

Town of Webb residents will get a local office of the Department of Motor Vehicles as the result of a $75,000 senate grant announced today by State Senator James L. Seward in Old Forge. Seward, who announced the funding at the Town of Webb Visitors' Center, was joined by Herkimer County Clerk Sylvia Rowan, who requested the funding. "The funding will enhance county services to Webb residents without pressuring local property taxes. Now registering a car, snowmobile or boat will get easier," Seward said.

November 2, 2006

Seward: Senate Grant Will Grow Jobs

A $250,000 state senate grant unveiled today by State Senator James L. Seward will facilitate the growth of a financial services business in Herkimer County, offering the prospect of 300 jobs over the next three years. Seward announced the grant at the Frankfort offices of Erie Educational Services, a financial loan consolidation processing and local call center, with company CEO Marc Burling, Assemblyman Marc Butler, other state officials, and local representatives. The senate funding supplements private investment projected to reach nearly $2 million.

November 1, 2006

Seward To Bestow Liberty Medal On Barnes

The highest state legislative honor will be bestowed on Staff Sergeant Daniel P. Barnes, Senator James L. Seward announced today.Seward, who will attend the November 2 benefit for Barnes at the Herkimer VFW, said today that he would confer the New York State Senate Liberty Award upon Barnes and present it to family members at the benefit.Barnes is the 1995 Little Falls High School graduate injured in a rocket attack in Baghdad on September 4, where he was serving with the U.S.

October 30, 2006
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