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Libraries Receive Construction Grants

ALBANY, 03/04/09 -- Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) announced today that local community libraries in the 51st senatorial district have been awarded $421,032 in public library construction grant funds.

"Our libraries are vital to our communities, especially in these tough economic times" Seward said. "Local libraries are being counted on for so much more these days. Traditional book lending still accounts for a high volume of traffic, but more and more people are visiting libraries for other needs.”

March 4, 2009

Governor's Ski Tax Falls Flat

WINDHAM, 02/20/09 – State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) and Assemblyman Peter Lopez (R/C/I-Schoharie) today called on the governor to eliminate his higher tax on ski areas.

“The budget proposed by Governor Paterson is filled with $6 billion in new taxes and fees that will strike at the heart of upstate New York businesses and families,” said Seward. “The additional 4 percent hike on ski lift tickets and lessons unfairly targets an industry already battling a tough economy.”

February 20, 2009

Budget Held Hostage To Politicians' Private Agendas

ONEONTA, 02/17/09 – With New York State facing a grave fiscal crisis, State Senators James L. Seward (R/C/I- Oneonta) and Joseph A. Griffo (R/C/I-Rome) today called for urgent, non-stop action to resolve the serious flaws in Governor David Paterson’s proposed 2009-2010 state budget.

February 17, 2009

Job Creation Needs To Be Focus Of Federal Stimulus

ALBANY, 02/10/09 – Senator James L. Seward (R/I/C-Oneonta) today commented on the federal stimulus package, and how it will be used once approved.

“As we deal with an economic crisis here in New York it is important that any federal stimulus dollars we receive are put to use creating and retaining jobs and strengthening our economy.

February 11, 2009

Local Roads, Economy At Risk

ONEONTA, 02/06/09 -- Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) says the governor’s budget plan will lead to unsafe roads and jeopardize long term transportation plans.

February 9, 2009

Seward Receives Committee Assignments

ALBANY, 02/03/09 -- Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) is set to continue the fight for education and property taxpayers in the new senate session after receiving committee assignments.

Seward was named to the senate standing committees on education and higher education, two areas set to receive quite a bit of attention in the coming weeks.

February 3, 2009

Deficit Plan Is Bad Deal For Upstate New York

ALBANY, 02/03/09 – Senator James L. Seward (R/I/C- Oneonta) commented on the deficit reduction plan passed today in the state senate.

“The Democrats’ deficit reduction plan is a bad deal for upstate families, businesses, and New York as a whole.

February 3, 2009

Seward Comments On Stimulus Package And State Budget

ALBANY, 01/27/09 – State Senator James L. Seward (R-I-C/Oneonta) today joined other members of the Senate Republican Conference to discuss the federal stimulus package and the state budget. Following the media conference Senator Seward issued the following statement.

“The federal stimulus package can be an enormous shot in the arm for all New Yorkers and our budget, but only if we use the money wisely.

January 27, 2009

New Roots Charter School Needs Further Examination

ONEONTA, 01/23/09 – State Senators James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) and George Winner (R/C/I-Elmira) are calling on the SUNY Charter School Institute to delay action on the application of an Ithaca-based charter school.

In a letter to the SUNY Charter School Institute, Seward and Winner requested officials “place a hold on the application of New Roots Charter School until several important questions that have been raised by the public are fully addressed.”

January 26, 2009

Seward Comments On Gillibrand Appointment

ONEONTA, 01/23/09 – Senator James L. Seward today commented on Governor David Paterson’s selection of Kirsten Gillibrand for U.S. Senator to replace Hillary Clinton.

January 23, 2009

Seward Backs Onc Boces

ONEONTA, 01/14/09 -- Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) is calling for the continuation of the Otsego-Northern Catskill Board of Cooperative Educational Services (ONC BOCES) in its current configuration. Seward’s support comes as the New York State Education Department reviews the future of ONC BOCES. Senator Seward, in a letter to New York State Education Commissioner Richard Mills stated “ONC BOCES fulfills a critical need as is and should not be subject to the tinkering of the state’s bureaucracy.” Seward said testimony from area educators, parents, resident, and even a review by the Rockefeller Institute of Government all back his claim.

January 15, 2009

New York Can Return To Greatness

In media conferences across his district kicking off the 2009 session of the New York State Senate, Senator James L. Seward (R/I/C – Oneonta) outlined his agenda of job creation, new state efficiencies and property tax relief he dubbed “Return To Greatness.”

January 9, 2009

Seward Comments On State Of State Address

ALBANY, 01/07/09 -- Senator James L. Seward today commented on Gov. Paterson’s State of the State address:

“While Governor Paterson hit on some key points today, his overall message still falls short of what is needed in New York State. Job creation and tax relief must be the headlines of this redemption story.

January 7, 2009

Fight Against NYRI Continues

ONEONTA, 12/29/08 -- Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta), in response to the latest development concerning the proposed New York Regional Interconnect (NYRI) power line, is reaffirming his stance against the line, and calling on the state Public Service Commission (PSC) to hold additional public hearings.

December 29, 2008

Seward Comments On State Budget

ALBANY, 12/16/08 -- Senator James L. Seward commented on the governor's proposed 2008-2009 state budget, unveiled in Albany today.

“My initial reaction to the governor’s budget presentation is that it is woefully inadequate for the tough times that lie ahead. The proposal has everything except what New Yorkers need… property tax relief and new jobs.

December 16, 2008

Local School Grants Announced

ONEONTA, 12/15/08 -- State Senator James L. Seward (R/I/C – Oneonta) today announced that four local schools have received mini-grants from the Rural Education Advisory Committee.

“Assisting schools with funding of this nature enhances programs for students and does so without raising local taxes,” said Senator Seward. “This is a win-win situation, especially in these trying economic times when schools are struggling with the bottom line.”

Local grant recipients are: 

December 15, 2008

Seward Looks At Flexible School Week

ONEONTA, 12/11 /08-- Following the Senate Education Committee public hearing on a flexible school week, December 10, Senator James L. Seward issued the following statement:

“As we work through these tough fiscal times it’s essential that we consider new and innovative cost saving measures to combat the high cost of education and high property taxes. Mandate relief and other ideas are being explored and a flexible four day school week with longer school days could also be an option for some school districts.

December 10, 2008

Seward Announces Local Court Grants

ONEONTA, 12/2/08 -- Local justice courts are in line for state grants to help purchase equipment and fund other court expenses, State Senator James L. Seward (R/I/C-Oneonta) said today. The funds come from the state's Justice Court Assistance Program, created by the legislature in 1999 and funded in the 2008-09 state budget.

December 2, 2008

Seward Speaks On Natural Gas Drilling

ONEONTA, 12/02/2008 -- State Senator James Seward spoke out tonight on the need for proper safeguards of the natural gas drilling industry.

Senator Seward was the lead witness at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) hearing on the Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS). The GEIS addresses new issues and potential environmental impacts of natural gas exploration and drilling in the Marcellus Shale formation.

December 2, 2008

Seward Responds To Suozzi Report

            ONEONTA, 12/01/08 – In response to today’s report from the New York State Commission on Property Tax Relief Senator James L. Seward issued the following statement: 

December 1, 2008
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