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What's In Your Mailbox?

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Over the past few years, at about this time, I have reminded homeowners to check their mailbox for their STAR rebate check.  Unfortunately, this year, no such reminder is needed.  Thanks to the governor and his Democrat colleagues, that check is not in the mail.


Property Tax Relief is Overdue

For many people the great American dream is to own a home.  Unfortunately, once you achieve that dream in New York, the nightmare known as property taxes can keep you up at night.  According to the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax research group based in Washington, D.C., New York routinely leads the nation when it comes to high property taxes.  In fact, between 1977 and 2008, the Empire State ranked first of second in the country for its state-local tax burden compared to the U.S. average. 


Homeowner Protection & Property Tax Rebate Act

ALBANY, 03/11/10 – State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) today announced a major new property tax cut initiative that will help New Yorkers remain in their homes.  The “Homeowner Protection and Property Tax Rebate Act” would provide a property tax rebate for every middle-class homeowner, includes a cap on property taxes and significant mandate relief.


Property Tax Cap Needed For Real Relief

ALBANY, 04/27/10 -- Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) today announced that a Republican-sponsored amendment that would have enacted a property tax cap and provided middle-class taxpayers with relief from soaring property taxes was defeated this week in a party line vote.


Renewed Call for Property Tax Relief Needed

One of my highest priorities since first being elected to office has been to help individuals and families realize the dream of home ownership.  The only way to maintain that dream is by providing meaningful property tax relief.  Sadly, some Albany politicians fail to share my vision.

One of the most advantageous property tax relief initiatives in New York is the historic School Tax Relief (STAR) program.  I fought hard for this plan and helped win passage of legislation in 1997 clearing the way for the key savings program.


Property Tax Cap Long Overdue

As school property tax bills arrive in mailboxes across upstate New York the volume of phone calls, e-mails and letters from concerned homeowners to my office rises daily.  The message from many is simple: “I don’t know how I am going to pay this bill.” 

Several dynamics are factoring in this year, creating some of the highest tax bills in our state’s history.


Property Tax Cap - Just A Start

ALBANY, 08/03/10 - State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) today voted in favor of senate bill 67005 establishing a property tax cap for school districts and local governments.

Seward says while the property tax cap will help keep taxes in check it is only part of the answer.  He says meaningful mandate relief is needed to help overburdened local governments and school districts effectively cut costs.

The bill was sent to the assembly.

Extreme Makeover New York

ONEONTA, 01/07/11 – State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I–Oneonta) today outlined his legislative agenda for the 2011 session of the New York State Senate.  Seward’s plan, dubbed “Extreme Makeover: New York” focuses on smart budget cuts, property tax relief, economic development and government reform.  

“New York is ready for a complete overhaul.  My ‘Extreme Makeover: New York’ initiative includes calculated cost cutting that will provide our state with financial stability, tax relief that will help people with their own bottom line, business stimulating actions aimed at jumpstarting job growth and government reforms to restore public confidence in Albany.


Senate Approves Property Tax Cap, Mandate Relief

ALBANY, 01/31/11 – State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I–Oneonta) today announced senate approval of a property tax cap and companion legislation aimed at eliminating unfunded state mandates on school districts and local governments.

“Property taxpayers in New York State are tapped out,” said Senator Seward.  “Enacting a property tax cap is a commonsense approach that will provide significant savings and help families and senior citizens afford to stay in their homes.

Join the Fight to Cap Property Taxes Now!

New York homeowners are sick and tired of paying the highest property taxes in the nation.Property tax increases have made it difficult for seniors to stay in their homes, tougher for young people to afford to purchase their first home and have squeezed the budgets of families and businesses across the state.Placing a cap on school and local government property taxes would provide the relief that homeowners desperately need.I recently supported Senate passage of a property tax relief bill that would cap the growth of local tax levies at two percent or the consumer price index, whichever is less.