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150 People, 40 Religious Institutions, Trained By Top Defense Experts at Historic Event

Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village) hosted a historic event at Calvary Baptist Church in Jamaica on Thursday where top defense experts trained the faith-based community on how they could protect themselves from an act of violence like the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting that left nine people dead. In 2014, there were 176 violent incidents in houses of worship – 74 of which were deadly. The Charleston case was at least the 91st violent attack on a black church since 1956.

August 21, 2015

Sanders Applauds LaGuardia Rebuild; Vows to Help MWBEs Get Their Fair Share

State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village), a pioneer for Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs), expressed his support for the reconstruction of LaGuardia Airport, a four billion dollar project, 30 percent of which will be allotted for MWBE contracts. The announcement came today from Governor Andrew Cuomo and Vice President Joe Biden at an invitation-only luncheon, which Sena...tor Sanders attended, at the Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan.

July 31, 2015

State Sanders Pans End of Session Omnibus Bill; Says It Leaves Too Many Important Issues Unresolved

(Albany, June 26, 2015) State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village) expressed disappointment over the passage of an end of session multi-legislation or "omnibus" bill  that excludes key pieces of legislation, leaves critical reforms incomplete and fails to properly extend necessary programs that are essential to millions of New Yorkers. However, it is not a complete failure, as some minor wins were also included.

July 6, 2015

Senator Sanders Hosts Community Development Day

State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village) hosted a free Community Development Day event on June 24 & June 25. The first day of classes was divided into two categories that ran simultaneously - small business and grant writing. The second day was devoted entirely to grant writing, but was specifically geared towards clergy and the faith-based community. 

July 6, 2015

Senator Sanders Hosts Free Father's Day Comedy Show

State Senator James Sanders (D-Rochdale) hosted a Father's Day Comedy Show on June 21, 2015 at August Martin High School. The performers included comedians Ray DeJon, Damon Rozier and SINC, singers Petawane and Jezel Loren, and music was provided by DJ "A."  About 900 people attended the free show, which revolved around dad-related humor and stories. A complimentary meal was provided by Golden Krust on Parsons Boulevard. Other sponsors were Cross Island Realtors, My Ideal Property, Evers Pharmacy, Holistic Concerns and Home Depot.

June 23, 2015

Senator Sanders Hosts "Women, Power, Wealth" Event

State Senator James Sanders (D-Rochdale Village) hosted a free financial planning event called "Women, Power, Wealth" on June 20, 2015 at Grace Episcopal Church in Jamaica. The mission was to help empower women by educating them about savings, money management and credit repair. Other topics included the importance of long term care insurance and having an "escape plan" in case of financial crisis. "I'm trying to shake things up," Sanders said of his inspiration for holding the event. "I don't like where things are currently. I don't like the hand that women have been dealt. I think we need a new deal. The hand that says women will always be less than men, the hand that says women can't move forward - I think we need to take that hand and throw it away."

June 23, 2015

Sanders Introduces New Legislation to Assist Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises

(Albany, NY) – State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village) today introduced a bill (S5924A) that will increase opportunities for Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises and spur the creation of sustainable small businesses and jobs. Assemblymember Rodneyese Bichotte (D-Brooklyn) will carry the bill (A8044A) in the Assembly.  The legislation expands the State's General Municipal Law and thus creates additional procurement opportunities for M/WBE by the following:

June 16, 2015

Senators Sanders Interviews Karim Camara on "Legislative Report"

State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village) interviewed Deputy Commissioner Karim Camara of the New York State Division of Homes and Community Renewal on "Legislative Report," a senate broadcast program, on June 10th in Albany. Camara had been a member of the State Assembly, representing the 43rd District in Brooklyn for ten years, before heading to the DHCR and focusing on faith-based initiatives as part of the newly created Office of Faith-Based Community Development Services. Senator Sanders called Camara "the rising star of Albany," and asked him about his plans to help religious leaders, and to discuss the most common mistakes faith-based leaders make when dealing with state government.

June 15, 2015

Photo of the Week - Paid Family Leave Rally

(Albany, NY - June 3, 2015) - State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village) joined members of the New York State Nurses Association for a rally in support of paid family leave, an important initiative that was not included in the 2015-2016 budget.  The NYSNA members carried signs that read "When the new baby arrives, should you have to worry that a few weeks home means not being able to pay the rent," and "New York Babies Need Paid Family Leave. Make New York Next." Eighty-seven percent of the state's workforce does not have such coverage through their employers. The Albany rally was part of the New York Paid Family Leave Insurance Campaign.

June 4, 2015

Photo of the Week - Rev. Floyd Flake Speaks at Clergy Breakfast

State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village) hosted a Community Clergy Breakfast on May 29 at New Haven Ministries in Jamaica, featuring  special guest speaker the Rev. Floyd H. Flake, pastor of Greater Allen AME Cathedral, who shared his expertise on economic development and expanding one's church and congregation. "Church is not merely what you do on Sunday morning," Rev. Flake said. "It is an understanding that everything that surrounds the church, that is a part of the church, is part of the community. You have a responsibility to help and make changes so that it is a better place for people to live."

May 29, 2015

Senator Sanders Nominates Rodney K. Moore for 2015 "Veterans' Hall of Fame"

State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village) nominated Rodney K. Moore of Jamaica for the New York State Senate Veterans' Hall of Fame. He was officially inducted at a ceremony in Albany on May 19. Moore served in the U.S. Air Force from 1976-1984 and in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1987-1998. He presently works for a non-profit organization that assists homeless veterans.

May 21, 2015

Photo of the Week - Happy 100th Birthday, Harold Tate

State Senator James Sanders (D-Rochdale) paid tribute to Jamaica resident Harold Tate, who turned 100 years old on May 16, by presenting him with a certificate of recognition in celebration of his 100 years of life and contributions to the community.

May 19, 2015

Photo of the Week - Sanders Celebrates Haitian Unity Day

(Albany, NY - May 11, 2015) - State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale) celebrated Haitian Unity Day with his colleagues in government -  Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages, Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffe, Senator David Carlucci, Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte and Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre.

"Haiti needs its sons and daughters today more than ever," Senator Sanders said.

Haitian Unity Day is held annually in Albany and is a time to recognize the great impact that the country, culture and people of Haiti have had on the United States.

Senator Sanders said he was from the part of Haiti called South Carolina, his way of connecting with the Haitian people as part of the African-diaspora, which drew some laughs from the crowd. They made him an honorary Haitian.

May 12, 2015

Senator Sanders Honors Jackie Campbell as "Woman of Distinction"

(Albany, NY – May 6, 2015) State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village) honored Jacqueline (Jackie) Campbell as his 2015 “Woman of Distinction,” an award given to outstanding women living and working in New York State whose contributions have enriched the quality of life in their community and beyond.  "I am proud to be able to recognize a hard working community advocate like Jackie, who is so deserving of this award," Sanders said. "I am sure she will continue to do great things for this district."

May 7, 2015

Sanders Joins Walkout Following Refusal on Skelos Vote

(Albany, NY - May 6, 2015) - State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale) today joined Senate Democrats who walked off the senate floor after Republicans refused to call a vote on whether Senator Dean Skelos should retain his position as leader of the Senate following his arrest earlier this week on corruption charges.

"We can not continue as though this is business as usual," Sanders said following the walkout.  "This is insulting to the people of New York State."

This is the first time the Senate Majority has refused to vote on a measure brought before the house. This move demonstrates divisions within the Republican Conference as they will not publicly vote to support Skelos nor will they call upon him to step down.

May 6, 2015

Senator Sanders Brings His Mobile Office to the South Jamaica Houses

State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village) brought his mobile office to the South Jamaica Houses on April 30, 2015. There he met one-on-one with residents, listening to their concerns and discussing enhancements to area such as possible improvements to building management, renovating a nearby park and re-opening a shuttered senior center.

May 1, 2015

Senator Sanders Co-sponsors Teen Job Fair and Career Expo

State Senator James Sanders Jr., who is a big proponent of educating and motivating youth, was proud to co-sponsor a Teen Job Fair and Career Expo in Rockaway on April 17 where attendees received tips on  resume writing and dressing for success as well as the chance to meet with various companies who were looking to hire new staffers.

April 29, 2015

Senator Sanders' Photo of the Week - Senior Care Administrators Breakfast

State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village) hosted a Senior Care Administrators Breakfast today at The Door restaurant in Jamaica. It is part of a monthly series aimed at bringing resources and useful information to the leadership of senior centers in the area, so that they can pass it along to the older adults who visit their facilities.

April 10, 2015


Dear Students,Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the New York State Senate’s Earth Day Poster Contest.  This year we received many outstanding posters that exemplify the creativity of the young people in the 10th Senatorial District. Each entry from my District displayed tremendous originality and vision as well as obvious concern for the ecological future of our communities and our state.  I am proud of your work and that of your classmates, and encourage you to continue to study and learn more about the serious challenges that face our environment.I am pleased to announce that the winner of the 2015 Earth Day Poster Contest from my District is: Cynthia Cintron5th GradePS306Q School

April 10, 2015

Senator Sanders Attends Prayer Vigil for South Jamaica Murder Victim

Senator Sanders joined dozens of residents as the community mourned the loss of Leta Webb, the 70 year-old grandmother slain in South Jamaica. She was fatally shot after she answered a knock on her door in the middle of the night on March 31, 2015. No one was immediately arrested in connection with the crime.  "You're seeing people come together to say, 'This cannot go on,'" Senator Sanders said. "This type of madness needs to stop. There should be no shelter for the person who committed this crime."

April 7, 2015