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Senator Klein Speaks on Ildefonso Romero, Jr.'s Law

State Senator Jeff Klein speaks on his Senate bill, S.3178A, which enacts "Ildefonso Romero, Jr.'s law" to establish a felony offense of aggravated assault when it results in serious injury or death. 

June 2, 2015

Senator Klein Speaks on a Resolution Honoring Our Veterans

State Senator Jeff Klein speaks on a resolution on the floor of the Senate chambers, which pays tribute to some of our most distinguished veterans being inducted into the Veteran's Hall of Fame, and also to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. 

May 20, 2015

Senator Klein Speaks on Resolutions Honoring the Albanian People and Commemorating VE Day

State Senator Jeff Klein’s session remarks on Senate Resolution J.1905, commemorating the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day on May 8, 2015, and J.1904, honoring the Albanian people for their service to humanity in saving Jews, both native and refugee, from persecution in Albania during the Holocaust.

May 12, 2015

Senator Klein Speaks in Support of Funding for NYCHA in State Budget

New York State Senator Jeff Klein speaks in support of $100 million in funding for the New York City Housing Authority in the 2015-2016 legislative budget.

April 6, 2015

Senator Klein Speaks on the Senate's Final 2015-2016 Budget

New York State Senator Jeff Klein addresses the accomplishments of the State Senate's fifth on-time budget for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. 

April 1, 2015

Senator Klein Speaks on the 2015-2016 Legislative Budget

Senator Jeff Klein outlines some of his and the Independent Democratic Conference's top priorities for the 2015-2016 Legislative Budget. 

March 24, 2015

Senator Klein Session Remarks on S.1520

Senator Jeff Klein speaks on his legislation which would prohibit sex offenders from knowingly being within 1,000 feet of a facility where pre-kindergarten or kindergarten instruction is provided. 

February 26, 2015

Senator Jeff Klein's Session Remarks on Senate Bill S.0851

Senator Klein’s legislation (S.851-2015) prohibits level two and level three sex offenders from being housed in family shelters and requires by law that they be placed in adult-only shelters or shelters without children. 

January 27, 2015

Making New York Affordable: Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein Launches IDC’s 2014 Agenda

Before Senator Klein and the IDC crafted their legislative agenda, Senator Klein heard from real New York families on how their coping with our state's affordability crisis. This video shows some of what these working New Yorkers said. 

December 13, 2013

Senator Jeff Klein speaks on the Senate Budget Resolution in Senate Session - March 11, 2013 .

Senator Klein discusses the one house budget resolution on the floor of the Senate on Monday, March 11, 2013. This budget resolution was crafted by a bipartisan coalition.

March 11, 2013

DMAA Press Conference with Jose Canseco

What: Following the sudden deaths of two U.S. soldiers during routine fitness exercises, Senate Majority Coalition Leader Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) will call for a statewide ban of the controversial and unregulated dietary supplement linked to each soldier's death. The drug, known as dimethylamylamine, or DMAA, is currently banned by half a dozen countries, as well as by the U.S. military and nearly every major league sports organization.

March 6, 2013

IDC Press Conference: Updating New York State's Risk Assessment and Management Strategy

Responding to perennial increases in hurricane and disaster related spending, the Independent Democratic Conference will introduce legislation recommending the creation of a new statewide office charged with improving New York's risk management and cost avoidance practices. The new office, which will be funded exclusively by annual cost savings generated by it's operations, will use the same modern-day risk assessment techniques that currently save states such as Florida and Texas tens of millions of dollars each year. The IDC estimates that by utilizing modern-day risk management practices, New York State could avoid up to $150 million in spending over the next three years.

February 28, 2013
January 8, 2012

Sen. Klein and Einstein College Launch New Cognitive Neurophysiology Lab

BRONX, N.Y. -- Senator Klein joined administrators and faculty members of Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University this morning to officially open their new Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory.

December 13, 2011

CBS National News Reports on Senator Klein's Work on the Ripple Effects of Foreclosures

Senator Jeff Klein, (D-Bronx/ Westchester) is featured in a national story from CBS news on the ripple effects of the foreclosure crisis. The piece focuses on the Bronx-based Marsh family, whose home became unlivable last spring due to damage caused by a fire at an adjacent foreclosed home.

November 5, 2011

NY1 Covers Sen. Klein's Bill To Better Prepare Police For Interactions With The Mentally Disturbed

Several interactions between police and the mentally ill have ended with violence, bringing attention to an issue that law enforcement officials and advocacy groups want to see remedied. NY1's Dean Meminger filed the following report.In March, police shot and killed a knife-wielding man at 1545 Rhinelander Avenue in the Bronx. It turns out he was mentally disturbed and had been arrested 16 times.Lawmakers say the shooting might have been avoided if police knew about the man's history."Over the last year at 1545, there's been 150 calls to 911," said Bronx State Senator Jeff Klein.

August 22, 2011

News 12 -- Sen. Klein: Neglectful banks putting residents at risk

(08/01/11) THE BRONX - State Sen. Jeffrey Klein warned residents Monday that banks are putting people in danger by neglecting foreclosed homes around the city.Klein released a survey that claims 2,000 bank-owned foreclosed properties in the city have nearly 4,000 open violations. A law was passed in 2009 that requires all banks to keep foreclosed properties up to code.

August 22, 2011
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