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Senate Passes Klein Bill to Increase Penalties for Criminals who Forge Auto Insurance Cards


State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader Jeffrey D. Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) announced on Thursday that the NYS Senate passed his legislation to impose tougher penalties on those who commit auto insurance fraud, helping to keep down insurance premium costs for those who properly insure their vehicles.




Throggs Neck seniors Lenore and Dominick Marano avoided being charged more than a thousand dollars in unnecessary insurance costs thanks to State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester). Klein worked with the Maranos' mortgage lender to help fight a nearly $1,400 increase in their annual flood insurance premium.


This spring, the Maranos received a letter from their bank with whom they have a mortgage stating that their flood insurance had to be dramatically extended. The letter said that their yearly flood insurance premium would double. Upon receiving this information, the Maranos immediately contacted Senator Klein’s office.



IDC Releases Plan to Fight Auto Insurance Evasion

Fraudulent Practice Cost NY Drivers Millions, Puts Strain on State and Local Governments

The Independent Democratic Conference today unveiled comprehensive legislation to fight the widespread and fraudulent practice of auto insurance evasion. This practice, where drivers illegally register their vehicles in other states in order to pay lower automobile insurance rates, drives up premiums for law-abiding drivers, robs the state and municipalities of millions of dollars in revenue, and makes enforcement of existing motor vehicle laws more difficult.

“This is no little white lie,” said Senator Diane Savino, (D-Staten Island/ Brooklyn). “ If you live here, but register your car out-of-state, you're not only committing fraud, you're also making things more expensive for your neighbors. With our legislation, the Independent Democratic Conference is looking to end this harmful practice and to help the millions of New Yorkers who play by the rules.”

Current law requires all drivers who live in New York State for more than 90 days to register their vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The IDC additionally released a startling new report on this topic.


Senate Passes Klein Bill to Crack Down on Auto Insurance Fraud

Measure Would Increase Penalties for Criminals Who Forge Auto Insurance Cards

ALBANY, NY – Legislation sponsored by Senator Jeffrey D. Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) that would impose tougher penalties on those who commit auto insurance fraud, passed the State Senate today.

Klein’s bill (S.578) would make it a felony to forge an auto insurance card or certificate of insurance. In New York State, these documents are necessary to obtain the government issued documents, such as a vehicle registration, that are required to legally operate a motor vehicle.


Senate Passes IDC Priority Bill to Crack Down on Auto Insurance Evasion


The State Senate today passed priority legislation by the Independent Democratic Conference that would crack down on the widespread and fraudulent practice of auto insurance evasion. 


New York State Senate Passes Klein Bill to Stop Homeowner Insurance Scams

ALBANY, NEW YORK – On Tuesday, the New York Senate passed legislation to protect homeowners from insurance scams by establishing a strict firewall between public adjusters and contractors. The legislation (S.3771A) was written by Senator Klein in response to a series of complaints filed by homeowners against City Island-based Adjustrite, a contracting firm that had established a coordinated scheme whereby a public adjuster directed homeowners to a local contractor with whom he worked and had a nefarious financial arrangement. The bill, known as the “Gayla Marsh Bill,” was named after Gayla Marsh, who fell victim to Adjustrite. Her son, Chancy Marsh, notified Senator Klein’s office and, together, identified other victims of Adjustrite.


Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein Launches IDC’s 2014 Agenda – “Affordable NY”

Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein Launches IDC’s 2014 Agenda – “Affordable NY”

IDC Introduces Innovative Programs Like Family Leave Insurance for Working Mothers and Fathers and Launches Mitchell Llama 2020; Agenda Re-Focuses State Resources on Working Families