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Senator DeFrancisco on Your Voice in Albany

On this week's Your Voice cable program, Senator John A. DeFrancisco explains why he voted "no" on the confirmation of Jenny Rivera for the New York State Court of Appeals. He also explains the judicial selection process. Rivera was confirmed to serve on the Appeals Court on February 11, 2013. She was nominated by Governor Cuomo on January 15.

Senator DeFrancisco on Your Voice

On this week's cable program, I discuss legislation that would unseal juvenile records prior to bail hearings for alleged sex offenders.

Last month, David Renz allegedly murdered a woman and sexually assaulted a child in Clay after disconnecting his electronic monitoring bracelet while on bail. He had been implicated in a prior sexual assault case as a teenager, but those records were sealed.

I have introduced this legislation in the hope that it might prevent future tragedies.