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Senate Passes Boating While Intoxicated Safety Measure


Senator John A. DeFrancisco (R-I-C, Syracuse) sponsored a bill passed by the Senate today (S2903B) that would require individuals 21 years of age or younger, who have been convicted of alcohol-related boating offenses, to obtain a boating safety certificate before operating a vessel.


“Boating tragedies on Skaneateles and Oneida lakes, as well as the July 2006 BWI death of Syracuse-resident Tiffany Heitkamp have brought the problem of boating while intoxicated to the forefront,” said Senator DeFrancisco. “It is important to educate those who have already been convicted of boating while intoxicated, on how to drive a boat safely, in the hopes of preventing future tragedies,” said Senator DeFrancisco.



Senator DeFrancisco Pushes for DNA Databank Expansion On Your Voice

The New York Senate recently passed the DNA Databank Expansion Bill. On this week's episode of the television program, Your Voice, in Albany, State Senator John A. DeFrancisco explains how the measure could improve the safety in your community, solve more crimes, and help exonerate the innocent.


Senator John A. DeFrancisco announced that his bill (S2860-A), which would create a link between all of a person’s driving under the influence of alcohol or drug offenses, passed the New York State Senate.

Named after the late Tiffany Heitkamp, who was killed during an alcohol related boating accident in July of 2006, the bill would link Boating While Intoxicated (BWI), with Snowmobiling While Intoxicated (SWI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), as well as driving an ATV while intoxicated. Under current law, there is no linkage between these offenses, making it possible to be convicted in two or more separate cases and still be treated as a first time offender.


Let's Keep NY Safe -- Join the Fight

Sign the Petition Below in Support of a Powerful Crime-fighting ToolExpanding the DNA databank will empower law enforcement, provide j

Senator DeFranciso Discusses A New State Law That Will Expand the DNA Databank

Historic legislation has been signed into law to make New York state the first "all crimes DNA" state in the nation. On this week’s edition of Your Voice in Albany, State Senator John A. DeFrancisco shares some compelling stories from crime victims and explains how this DNA databank expansion will help close thousands of unsolved cases, bring justice to victims, prevent future crimes, and exonerate the innocently convicted.

New York state is close to finalizing a budget, so the Senator also brings you up-to-date on the budget progress.  

Senator DeFrancisco Discusses Tax Reform on Your Voice Cable Show

During the cable program, Your Voice, I discuss tax reform initiatives that would help increase economic development in New York state.  I also talk about legislation that would strengthen state boating laws and help prevent accidents on our waterways.

Senator DeFrancisco Takes Part In Ongoing Littering Crackdown Campaign

State Senator John A. DeFrancisco has teamed up with other state, city and county officials to crack down on littering and raise awareness about the serious problem.  During a press conference on July 16, 2012, it was announced that a recent cleanup of 690 between Teall Avenue and Thompson Road netted nearly three tons of trash.  An ongoing campaign will focus on clean-up, enforcement and awareness, with the tagline "Litter: It Costs More Than You Think."  As part of this campaign, violators will be ticketed.