John J. Bonacic's posts related to Disability


Senator John J. Bonacic (R/C/I-Mt. Hope) announced that legislation he supported to protect individuals with developmental disabilities has been signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo. 


"Let's not make them come back each year, hat in hand."

Remarks by Senator Bonacic at press conference proposing the "guaranteed stream" of spinal injury research funding in 2014-2015 budget.

Senator Bonacic Fights for "Guaranteed Stream" of Funding for Spinal Cord Research

Senator Bonacic spoke at an Albany press conference recently to pledge his support for increased spinal cord research funding in the 2014-2015 budget. Remarking on a statement made at the conference that this would be a job-creating endeavor, Senator Bonacic said that this was more “about caring for all of our citizens and their families.”


Opening of New Affordable Special Needs Housing in Middletown, September 16, 2014

Senator Bonacic speaks at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the  new Oak Ridge Apartments in the Town of Wallkill.   This $16.8 million project was  a collaboration between Occupations, Inc., and Warwick developer Jonah Mandelbaum, who generously donated the housing project to Occupations for $3.  This apartment complex will offer 77 affordable units, including 15 for people with developmental disabilities.   (At left is James B. DeStefano, President of Occupations System of Care.)

At the Center for Discovery's Harvest Festival

Senator Bonacic attended the Center for Discovery's Harvest Festival on November 2, 2014, which honored three individuals for their dedication to improving the lives of those with disabilities.  The Senator presented the honorees with NYS Senate Certificates of Merit, and also applauded the work of the Center which is committed to providing positive experiences for their disabled population.  (with the Senator is Michael Watkins on left, and Richard Humleker)


Senator Bonacic Meets With Advocates from The Spinal Cord Research Group

On January 12, 2015, Senator John J. Bonacic met in Albany with advocates from the Spinal Cord Research Group to discuss funding for the group, the 2015 legislative session, and other issues of concern.  The attendees were (back row) Keith Gurgui, Spinal Cord Injury Research Board Member; Linda Gurgui, Spinal Cord Injury Research Group; Rich Gurgui, Spinal Cord Research Program; Matt Jacobs, New Yorkers to cure Paralysis; (front) Terry O'Neill, Director of The Constantine Institute; and Scott Remington of the Spinal Cord Research Benefit.