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Senator Serrano Attends Mitchell-lama Residents Event

The Senator expressed his strong support for affordable housing at the annual Mitchell Lama Residents Coalition Breakfast, held in Harlem's famed Alhambra Ballroom.

"This is one of the most successful government housing programs ever designed," said the Senator. "In the current housing crisis, it is our obligation to build on this model, and now work toward a program of permanent and sustainable affordability."

May 3, 2008

Senator Serrano Fights For Second Avenue Businesses

Senator Serrano has introduced legislation to help the businesses that are increasingly feeling pressure from the construction of the much awaited Second Avenue Subway line. Operating in an active construction zone has caused many stores to lose business and some to close their doors permanently.   

April 19, 2008

Senator Serrano Convenes The South Bronx Education Forum

Senator Serrano last night hosted the South Bronx Education Forum. The event, which drew a large audience, was aimed at increasing parental engagement and involvement at a time of great change in the district. "Parents need to be made aware of the schools that are closing, and the new ones coming in. Moreover, I want to empower parents, allowing them to play a greater role in developing the next generation of Bronx schools," said the Senator, a member of both the Education and Higher Education Committees in the State Senate. 

April 18, 2008

Senator Serrano Says State Budget Enhances Health Care For Children, Seniors And Working Families

2008-2009 health budget shifts resources towards primary and preventative health

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 8, 2008

Serrano Passes "earth Hour" Resolution In NYS Senate

Albany, NY - March 26, 2008 - A resolution introduced by Senator Jose M. Serrano (D-Manhattan/Bronx) to commemorate "Earth Hour" passed the New York State Senate today. The resolution requests that Governor David Paterson adopt 8 p.m., Saturday, March 29, 2008 as Earth Hour in an effort to encourage energy conservation.

March 26, 2008

Senator Serrano Looks Forward To Working With The New Governor

Senator Serrano pledged to work tirelessly with the new Governor to ensure a smooth transition of power, and one that does nothing to interrupt the upcoming budget negotiations.

"On March 17th, David Paterson took the oath of office as New York's Governor," said the Senator. "At a time of change in our state government, it comforts me to know that we have a man of great intellect and experience leading us back to calmer waters."

March 20, 2008

Senator Serrano Meets With The United Federation Of Teachers

On March 11th, Senator Serrano met with representatives from the United Federation of Teachers to discuss the many challenges facing teachers and students in the state's schools.

The Senator, who sits on both the Senate Education and Senate Higher Education Committees, discussed important issues such as class size and school budgets with the members of the UFT during a meeting in his Albany office.

March 12, 2008

Serrano To Increase Community Engagement On Education

Senator Serrano was the guest speaker at the first annual "Parents Getting Involved with their Children's Education" workshop, on Thursday night in the Patterson Houses Center.

"We have a number of schools in the community being closed by the Department of Education," said the Senator. "While I acknowledge some of these schools were failing, we need to make sure the new schools address fundamental problems and do not make the same mistakes."

February 21, 2008

Serrano Fights For More Funding For Public Housing

The following is the text of a letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Joseph. L. Bruno, requesting a substantial increase of funding for the New York City Housing Authority.

February 20, 2008

Serrano Continues Monthly Bronx Constituent Hours

Senator Serrano continued his monthly Bronx Constituent Hours this past Tuesday at the Highbridge Senior Center on Nelson Avenue.

"While we do a tremendous amount of work out of our district office in East Harlem, there is no substitute for direct interaction here in the Bronx with my constituents," said the Senator.

February 19, 2008

Serrano Hosts Cultural Equity Group Workshop In Albany

State Senator Serrano hosted an arts workshop of the Cultural Equity Group (CEG) during the Black and Puerto Rican Legislators Conference weekend in Albany.

"The economic impact of the arts is $21.2 billion per year in New York city," said the Senator. "But at the city and also state level, we must continue to democratize those funds, and extend our focus to non-profits on the ground, in working class and minority communities."

February 16, 2008

Serrano Honors Distinguished Individuals At Celebration Of Black History

State Senator Serrano and Congressman José E. Serrano, as part of their annual event celebrating Black History Month, honored three outstanding members of the community on Monday, February 15.

The honorees were: Dean Meminger, Bronx Reporter for NY1 News; Dr. Samuel J. Daniel, President and CEO of North General Hospital; and Iran Barkley, former Middleweight boxing Champion of the World.

February 15, 2008

Serrano Connects Eastwood Residents With Housing Experts

We are here tonight because of continued problems faced by residents of Eastwood," said the Senator.

The event brought together Urban American, the management company, and the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR), which administers the Section 8 program at Eastwood.

February 7, 2008

Senator Serrano Speaks On Climate Change Panel

On Janaury 31st, Senator Serrano took part in a discussion on tackling climate change at his alma mater, Manhattan College. The forum was part of a national teach-in called Focus the Nation that was being held simultaneously in hundreds of other colleges across the country. He was joined by Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz and City Councilmember Oliver Koppell.Senator Serrano discussed the many environmental bills he has proposed, including his green roofs proposal and pieces of legislation that advance environmental justice causes.

January 31, 2008

Serrano Convenes Immigration Workshop

Senator Serrano hosted the "Know Your Rights" Immigration Workshop in East Harlem on Thursday, January 17.The workshop provided information on educational opportunities available to undocumented immigrants in New York City, as well as how they can move forward on the path to citizenship. Panelists included Maria Alexandra Osuna-Zalazar from the City College Immigration Center and Sonia R. Cardona from the CUNY Citizenship and Immigration Project. Martin Orduna, director of the East Harlem CARE Network, moderated the discussion.

January 17, 2008

Serrano Speaks At Town Hall Meeting For Housing Justice

Senator Serrano participated in a Town Hall Meeting for Housing Justice at Taino Towers in East Harlem on Wednesday night."New York City is in the midst of an affordability crisis," said the Senator.

January 16, 2008

Serrano Moves To Fill Vacant Lots

Senator Serrano, along with community leaders and local elected officials, pledged to put an end to the problem of vacant lots in Manhattan, during a press conference on Wednesday.

The Senator discussed legislation he and Assemblyman Herman "Denny" Farrell, Jr. have introduced in Albany to change existing tax loopholes. The legislation would bring taxes on vacant property in Upper Manhattan into line with those below 110th Street. It would spur development of land that is increasingly needed to ease the city's housing crisis.

January 16, 2008

Senator Serrano Introduces Bill To Protect Undocumented Immigrants Statewide

New York, NY - Senator José M. Serrano (D-Manhattan/Bronx) introduced a bill into the New York State Senate today that will help undocumented immigrants throughout the state make use of emergency services.The proposal will make it the policy of New York state officials to keep sensitive information, including immigration status, confidential. It will help immigrants report crimes without the fear of having immigration authorities informed. The bill, S.

January 15, 2008

Recycle Your Used Ink Jet Cartridges And Old Cell Phones

With new times come new electronics. The beginning of the New Year may signal the end of the usefulness of some of your old things. Perhaps you received a new cell phone as a holiday gift. Did your printer cartridges run out from all those holiday cards you printed? Chances are you haven't thought twice about what to do with with your electronic waste."Don't throw them away," said State Senator Jose M. Serrano (D-Bronx/Manhattan). "Recycle them."Only 20 to 40 percent of ink jet cartridges end up being recycled.

January 7, 2008

Serrano Marches With Three Kings

Senator Serrano joined with Governor Spitzer and a massive gathering of community leaders and residents to celebrate the 31st Annual Three Kings Day Parade on Friday, January 4th.

"The Parade is a celebration of our heritage," said the Senator. "It speaks to the great the spiritual and cultural strength of those who came before us, and in so doing provides a foundation for generations to come."

January 4, 2008
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