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Statement From State Senator Jose R. Peralta About Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Young Men’s Initiative

“Good intentions have too often produced little more than lip service. In the Young Men’s Initiative we may finally have an effort where ambitious vision, planning and resources replace platitudes and promises.

 “I applaud the mayor for his commitment to dealing with problems that have devastated many minority families and communities for generations. I thank him and Mr. Soros for their generosity.

 “I stand ready to help the administration however I can. I also stand ready to hold the mayor’s feet to the fire on this initiative.

 “Many of the communities I represent, and our city and country, desperately need this initiative to succeed.”


August 8, 2011

Governor Signs Peralta’s 'Chica Cards' Bill Into Law

State Senator Jose R. Peralta’s bill targeting the distribution of pimps' business cards along a stretch of more than 40 blocks of Roosevelt Avenue was signed into law Wednesday by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Senator Peralta introduced the bill in response to parental outrage and community frustration with the thriving local sex trade.  The cards, featuring pictures of naked and minimally clad women and phone numbers to call for “free delivery,” have for years littered sidewalks on Roosevelt Avenue and adjacent streets.

July 25, 2011

Peralta Launches Mobile Constituent Services Effort

Operation Community Outreach, a mobile constituent services initiative of State Senator Jose Peralta, featuring a truck with the Senator’s constituent services staff aboard, is making the rounds every Monday in Central Queens through the end of August. The truck is making morning, afternoon and evening stops in Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, Corona, Elmhurst and Woodside. “We’re going mobile in an effort to reach out and help as many people as we can,” said Senator Peralta.  “Getting out into the community this way will also help spread the word that we’re available year round in the district office to provide assistance.”

July 20, 2011

'Chicas Card' Bill Passes In Senate, Assembly

State Senator Jose R. Peralta’s bill targeting the distribution of pimps’ business cards along a stretch of more than 40 blocks of Roosevelt Avenue was passed by the Senate and Assembly.   

(See 'Chica' Cards Fold; Escort Ads Soon Prohibited,  New York Daily News.)

July 5, 2011

Text of Senator Jose R. Peralta's Remarks To Have Been Delivered In Explaining Vote For Marriage Equality

"The eyes of history and a higher power are upon us here today. Let them see that the time has finally arrived when the State of New York recognizes a loving commitment between two men or two women. Let them see that the day has come when common sense and human decency are the law in New York. And let them see that we are men and women of integrity and fairness. For if they see these things from us, they will look favorably on this chamber’s actions today. Just as my children will look back when they’re older and be proud of their father. On this, the most important vote of my career to this point, perhaps the most important vote I will ever make, I say yes."

July 5, 2011

State Senate Passes Peralta’s “Chicas Card” Bill

State Senator Jose R. Peralta’s bill targeting the distribution of pimps’ business cards along a stretch of more than 40 blocks of Roosevelt Avenue was passed by the Senate this afternoon. Senator Peralta introduced the bill in response to parental outrage and community frustration with the thriving local sex trade. The cards, featuring pictures of naked and minimally clad women and phone numbers to call for “free delivery” littered sidewalks on Roosevelt Avenue and adjacent streets. If the bill is approved by the Assembly either today or Monday, as expected, it will move to Governor Andrew Cuomo's desk to be signed into law.    

June 17, 2011

Peralta Statement on Ethics Reform

Statement From State Senator Jose R. Peralta on Ethics Reform Agreement

"This agreement sends a clear message to taxpayers, voters and all New Yorkers about the commitment of the governor and legislature to reform and better government," said State Senator Jose R. Peralta.  "We're taking a significant step toward beginning to restore at least some level of public confidence in state government."

June 7, 2011

Statement By Senator Jose R. Peralta On Rescission of Secure Communities Program

"Common sense and reason have prevailed and we can thank Governor Andrew Cuomo for that," said State Senator Jose R. Peralta, long an outspoken critic of the Secure Communities program.  "The Secure Communities program was tearing families apart.  It was supposed to focus on dangerous criminals, but the vast majority of those deported through the program were hardworking immigrants with no criminal record.  Immigrant communities simply became even more fearful of law enforcement, worried about arrests and deportations.  The program became a disincentive to reporting crimes and cooperating with law enforcement, endangering community safety.   "Many, many thanks to Governor Cuomo."

June 2, 2011

Statement From Senator Peralta On Microstamping Bill

"I applaud my colleagues in the Assembly for taking an important step toward making microstamping the law in New York," said State Senator Jose R. Peralta, Senate sponsor of the microstamping bill. "This legislation has the support of law enforcement and mayors from throughout the state. This is the third time it has been passed by the Assembly. The Senate owes it to the countless victims of gun violence in New York to pass this legislation too. I am calling for a floor vote in the Senate. It's time to stand up to the NRA and be counted."

May 25, 2011

Senator Peralta: Human Trafficking Keeping Roosevelt Avenue Pimps In Business

State Senator Jose R. Peralta today stepped up his offensive against the sex trade flourishing on Roosevelt Avenue in Corona and Jackson Heights with the introduction of a bill meant to curb the “free delivery” of women offered by local pimps and the shuttling of johns from Midtown Manhattan into Central Queens. 

The bill requires taxi and livery cab drivers to be made aware of the human trafficking that supplies the women that keep pimps in business. New York City taxi drivers already undergo a training program for initial licensure and subsequent renewal. Senator Peralta also will be co-sponsoring a bill to raise fines and lengthen jail sentences for soliciting a prostitute. 

May 19, 2011

Statement by Senator Jose Peralta On Cinco de Mayo

The Cinco de Mayo commemoration of the Battle of Puebla transcends the victory of the greatly outnumbered Mexican army over the French armed forces,” State Senator Jose Peralta said. “Cinco de Mayo is about the spirit and determination of our Mexican and Chicano brethren, about unity and patriotism, about strength of will and perseverance. It is a celebration of liberty and freedom and of the longstanding friendship between the United States and Mexico.

May 5, 2011

Statement From Senator Peralta Regarding Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day

"Yom HaShoah takes on greater significance each year, as fewer survivors of the horrors perpetrated more than 65 years ago remain with us. It becomes increasingly incumbent upon us to recall the wicked depths to which mankind plummeted and the noble heights of which we are capable. And it is in that way, in the learning and re-learning of the lesson, that we do justice by the memories of the innocent victims and the survivors of the Holocaust, and all those who courageously risked their own lives to save them."


May 3, 2011

Statement From Senator Jose Peralta Regarding the Death of Osama Bin Laden

"The world is a safer place today thanks to the courageous men and women fighting around the globe in defense of our freedom and the determination of their commander in chief, President Obama. 

Amidst the joy on this great day for the United States, we should keep in our thoughts and prayers the thousands of victims of Osama Bin Laden’s depravity and hate. I hope that this is a day of at least some solace for their loved ones."

May 2, 2011

Senator Peralta and The Doe Fund Team Up To Keep Play Street Clean and Safe This Summer

With the prospect of litter and garbage—and the vermin they could attract—threatening a beloved summer play area in a community with limited open spaces for children, concerned Jackson Heights parents turned to State Senator Jose Peralta for help. 

“It was a no-brainer: I called The Doe Fund,” said Senator Peralta, who has secured several grants over the years for the nonprofit and its flagship Ready, Willing & Able program, through which 150 miles of New York City streets and sidewalks are cleaned by the “Men in Blue.” 

April 26, 2011

Senator Peralta Holds Tenants’ Rights Forum

Apartment dwellers living in and around Lefrak City facing eviction or major capital improvement rent increases had their legal questions answered at a “Know Your Rights!” forum sponsored by State Senator Jose Peralta. 

“With the economy the way it is, there are families struggling to make ends meet,” Senator Peralta said. “They’re getting hit with rent increases they can’t afford or are unable to pay the rent and face eviction. Tenants have rights and I want to make sure that they know what those rights are.” 

April 15, 2011

Senator Peralta Announces $50K for Library Materials

EAST ELMHURST, NY - New York Senator Jose Peralta has procured a $50,000 State Legislative Grant for library materials in Queens. He made the announcement at Queens Library at East Elmhurst along with Queens Library CEO Thomas W. Galante, applauded by enthusiastic eighth and fifth grade students from nearby P.S. 127.

April 11, 2011


One Defendant Taken Into Custody In Puerto Rico Is To Appear In Court Today; Second Defendant Remains At Large

April 5, 2011

NRA Concerned Peralta Bill Would Limit Availability of Semi-Automatic Handguns

The introduction by State Senator Jose Peralta of a bill requiring microstamping on all new semiautomatic handguns prompted the National Rifle Association yesterday to caution that, if passed, the availability of such firearms in New York “will be in serious doubt.” 

On its website, the NRA’s lobbying arm, the Institute for Legislative Action, added, “Make no mistake, this is a gun ban and it must be stopped.” 

Senator Peralta welcomed news of the NRA’s challenge to the bill. 

February 21, 2011

Senator Peralta's Statement on NYC Budget

“The prospect of deep cuts to New York City’s public schools cannot be accepted as some sort of inevitable consequence of difficult financial times. 

“Our schools have to be treated as an important investment in the future of New York City. The Campaign for Fiscal Equity court decision must be respected. 

“I stand ready to introduce a bill to extend—not make permanent—the current surcharge on the state’s highest earners, which would generate some $6 billion over the course of the coming and following fiscal years. 

“I look forward to working with my colleagues in the legislature and the governor on balancing the budget and achieving much-needed efficiency in government, including in the administration of school districts across the state. 

February 21, 2011

State Senator Peralta Brings Bright Smiles, Bright Futures To Jackson Heighta

State Senator Jose Peralta today helped bring Bright Smiles to the faces of children in Jackson Heights. 

One of the vans in the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program fleet, staffed by volunteer dentists from the Queens County Dental Society, provided free dental screenings and education to children at The Renaissance Charter School. 

The Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program works to increase oral health literacy and promote good oral care habits. The program each year reaches 50 million children and their families across 80 countries with education and dental screenings. 

February 21, 2011
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