Jose Peralta's Testimony

Peralta, Chair of the Consumer Protection Committee Calls for hearings to investigate on-line computer privacy breaches

The recent discovery that Google has been reaching into unprotected Wi-Fi networks in homes and businesses in more than 30 countries and retaining data about people's online activities, highlights the fact that consumers are left unprotected and many times do not know who is tracking their on-line activity. Peralta said “The latest Google inquiry highlights the fact that consumers are still unprotected when it comes to their online activity.

May 18, 2010

Statement by State Senator Jose Peralta Regarding Mayor Bloomberg’s Threat to Close Senior Centers

“While we are facing tough budgetary decisions, Mayor Bloomberg’s threat to close up to 50 senior Centers that are life lines for our senior citizens is unconscionable and short sighted. Senior citizens depend on these centers for daily meals, community engagement and social services. We cannot stand by and allow Mike Bloomberg to ignore the most vulnerable and beloved members of our community. I call on the Mayor to first address the bloated budgets and redundancies in city agencies before he threatens to throw our seniors out in the streets.

May 11, 2010

Senator José Peralta on Mayor Bloomberg’s Proposal to Close 20 Firehouses

“I understand that we must be fiscally prudent during these challenging economic times; however compromising public safety is not an option. Closing firehouses or cutting manning on for trucks is a recipe for disaster and we cannot allow Mayor Bloomberg to treat public safety like a line item in the budget. Our lives and our businesses depend upon a fully funded, fully staffed fire department.”

May 10, 2010
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