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Join The "Count Me In" Campaign In Your Neighborhood

Many New York households did not mail back their 2000 census questionnaire. Statewide, the mail-in response rate was below the national average.  In some neighborhoods, only 1 in 3 households mailed back a form. With so much state and federal aid for our schools, hospitals and transportation on the line, it’s crucial we do better in the 2010 Census.  So how can we make that happen?


Lawmaker wants ban on "brothel" biz cards


Some local parents and lawmakers are up in arms about some advertising they say is obscene and too easily available to children. 

They want the trading-card like ads featuring half-naked women banned. 

"We should throw them in the garbage because they're not appropriate for kids," Tristan Mulvihill said. 

Tristan Mulvihill is talking about Chica Chica cards featuring scantily clad women in provocative positions.

There's a phone number and a promise to deliver the lady to your home. 

Children can easily find them on Roosevelt Avenue in Corona, Queens. 


Queens Lawmaker Proposes Ban On Chica Chica Cards


Lawmakers and residents in Queens held a rally Sunday against lewd advertisements that they say are littering the streets. NY1’s Mara Montalbano filed the following report.

Parents say flyers of scantily-clad women is not what they want their children to see when they are walking to church on a Sunday morning or school during the week.

They say the flyers – known as chica chica cards – advertise prostitutes. 



One Defendant Taken Into Custody In Puerto Rico Is To Appear In Court Today; Second Defendant Remains At Large


Queens likes Obama’s immigration policy

As reported by the Queens Chronicle:

The Obama Administration isn’t waiting for a stalled Congress to make a decision on immigration policy for youth, and Queens politicians and community groups are applauding the initiative.

President Obama issued a policy directive halting the deportation of illegal students who would qualify for the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act on June 15. Some Republican politicians nationwide, even some who would support the change legislatively, are calling the policy directive a ploy to grab the Latino vote in the upcoming presidential election.

Many Queens politicians disagree, saying the president made the right call.

“For many undocumented immigrants, America is the only country they know.In their hearts and minds they are American. Sadly, Republicans either can’t, or choose not to understand this. By blocking the DREAM Act, they denied millions of undocumented Americans the opportunity to achieve the American Dream,” state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-Jackson Heights) said.


Sen. Peralta pushes domestic abuse bill

As reported by Queens Chronicle: 

State Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) has introduced a bill that, if passed, will make it easier for victims of domestic abuse to seek shelter, break their ties with their abusers and begin new lives.

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Roosevelt Avenue, a Corridor of Vice

As reported by The New York Times:

… Today, prostitution and counterfeiting industries are tucked alongside the Mexican restaurants, Dominican bakeries, Colombian boutiques and the nightclubs where men — many of them new immigrants working to feed families left behind in their homelands — can buy the company of a woman by paying $2 for a dance.

… (Peralta) is also calling for a task force, similar to the one that decimated crime there in the ’90s, to be reconvened.

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Statement From State Senator Jose Peralta On Senate Republican Gun Proposal

“The Senate Republican plan is entirely inadequate and falls far short of what New Yorkers expect their elected officials to do about the gun violence and bloodshed that has become frighteningly common.

“Republicans talk about ‘illegal guns’ and increasing jail sentences after criminals have been caught.   The fact is, guns are not illegal until they end up in the hands of criminals.  Our focus needs to be on keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the violently mentally ill in the first place, and on using available technology to catch criminals after using a firearm.  Only after gun criminals are caught will sentencing be relevant.  


New bipartisan coalition running the state Senate faces major issue next week stemming from the Sandy Hook massacre

As reported by the Daily News:

ALBANY — The new bipartisan coalition running the state Senate could face its first major test in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting.

The five breakaway Democrats who will work with the Republicans to jointly run the chamber next year will be under intense pressure from the Democratic conference to push through some kind of gun control measure — an issue the governor has said would be a priority next year.

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Gun industry spends to protect 'firearm rights' in New York

As reported by the Albany Times Union:

The gun lobby has pumped more than $550,000 into New York state political campaigns since 2000, much of it in the past few years, with Republicans in the Legislature and the Conservative Party as the biggest recipients, public filings show. It has also sent lobbyists to the Capitol to talk with GOP lawmakers and voice opinions on bills that have become locked in Senate committees.

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