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NRA Concerned Peralta Bill Would Limit Availability of Semi-Automatic Handguns

The introduction by State Senator Jose Peralta of a bill requiring microstamping on all new semiautomatic handguns prompted the National Rifle Association yesterday to caution that, if passed, the availability of such firearms in New York “will be in serious doubt.” 

On its website, the NRA’s lobbying arm, the Institute for Legislative Action, added, “Make no mistake, this is a gun ban and it must be stopped.” 

Senator Peralta welcomed news of the NRA’s challenge to the bill. 


Closing a 'gap' in gun laws

Legislative Gazette

A gun control bill was passed by the Assembly last Wednesday that is aimed at closing a loophole in the courts' ability to prevent people who are ordered to undergo treatment for mental illness from possessing a firearm. 


After Shootings, Push in Albany for Tougher Gun Laws

As reported by The New York Times:

In the wake of mass shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin and an uptick in gun violence in New York City, lawmakers are planning a new push in Albany to win approval of tighter gun laws in New York State.

One measure introduced last week would require background checks of anyone buying ammunition. Another, being drafted this week, would limit the purchase of firearms to one per person per month.

Supporters of the measures said they would fill several gaps in New York’s gun laws, which are already among the toughest in the country, and make them more complete than any other state’s in discouraging gun crime.


Sen. Peralta Calls For Bipartisan Gun-Control Law

As reported by the New York Daily News:

State Sen. Jose Peralta called for legislators to set aside partisanship to pass a new gun control law to keep weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill.

"Believe it or not, in New York State, a violent, mentally ill individual can keep a gun even after being identified by a court as a danger to society," Peralta said.

The legislation, Peralta said, would allow a judge to take away an individual's gun license if that person is determined to be mentally ill. Currently, according to Peralta, the judge has an option to ask for the gun license, but this legislation would mandate it.


Sen. Peralta Discusses Microstamping Push

As reported by Capital Tonight:

“Gun control advocates are making another push for microstamping legislation. The goal is to make it easier for police to trace any bullet back to the gun it was fired from.”

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Statement From Senator Peralta On Microstamping Bill

"I applaud my colleagues in the Assembly for taking an important step toward making microstamping the law in New York," said State Senator Jose R. Peralta, Senate sponsor of the microstamping bill. "This legislation has the support of law enforcement and mayors from throughout the state. This is the third time it has been passed by the Assembly. The Senate owes it to the countless victims of gun violence in New York to pass this legislation too. I am calling for a floor vote in the Senate. It's time to stand up to the NRA and be counted."


Statement By State Senator Jose Peralta

“Microstampting, reproductive health, the Dream Act: These are not small or inconsequential bills that the Republicans have cleared off the table of public discussion along with other thoughtful pieces of legislation.

“The microstamping and reproductive health bills, as well as the Dream Act, have significant support, including from numerous editorial boards.

“It seems that in an election year, Republicans don’t want to have to vote against legislation with significant support.


Cash Cache; NRA Unloads 217G to N.Y. Pols to Nix Bullet Bill

As Reported by the New York Daily News:

“They are very organized,” microstamping Senate bill sponsor Jose Peralta (D-Queens) said of the NRA. “Their concern is if microstamping becomes law in New York, it will become a domino effect nationally.”

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State Dems take a shot at new gun law

Daily News reports

ALBANY— State Senate Democrats next week plan to revive legislation aimed at cracking down on illegal handguns — a bill that was shot down in the Legislature two years ago.The Democrats are set to begin a “sustained” push to require some bullet casings to carry unique markings — a process known as microstamping that is strongly backed by Mayor Bloomberg, an anti-illegal gun crusader.

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