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Buscan frenar el ‘free delivery’ - Senador Peralta detalla su proyecto contra la extendida modalidad de prostitución

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NUEVA YORK — El senador estatal José Peralta anunció en conferencia de prensa un proyecto de ley que pretende iniciar una ofensiva en contra del comercio sexual en la avenida Roosevelt, en el condado de Queens, específicamente en las áreas de Jackson Heights y Corona.

Peralta explicó que la propuesta tiene como principal objetivo frenar el "free delivery" de mujeres ofrecidas por proxenetas locales.

La ley plantea que los conductores de taxis que deseen obtener una licencia inicial o renovación posterior, deberán someterse a un programa educativo acerca del tráfico de mujeres para fines de explotación sexual.


Statement By State Senator Jose Peralta On Father-Son Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Operation

“The sex trafficking and prostitution operation dismantled by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, NYPD and federal authorities is yet another example of the barbaric treatment trafficked women are subjected to for the profit of ruthless pimps.

“It also underscores the need to reclassify sex trafficking as a violent felony. in recognition of the brutality of the crime and the punishment it warrants.  I recently introduced a bill in the New York State Senate that would make sex trafficking a violent felony and increase the minimum jail sentence to five years.  The minimum sentence currently is one to three years.


Fighting the sex trade in Queens and statewide

Queens Chronicle reports

By Jose Peralta

There are some 27 million slaves in the world today, more than at any other time in human history. Most are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation and 80 percent are female. About half of the world’s trafficking victims are under the age of 18.

While New York State’s sex trafficking laws are among the most comprehensive in the nation, promoting prostitution in the first degree, compelling prostitution and sex trafficking are all classified here as non-violent felonies.

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Sex trafficking of women has nexus in Queens borough of New York City

As reported by WNYC:

Last fall, State Senator José Peralta pushed the "chica card" law, an alternate plan for discouraging prostitution in Queens.

Chica cards, small cards with images of half-naked women and phone numbers advertising "free delivery" were once distributed openly along Roosevelt Avenue in Queens. Peralta's "chica card" law, criminalized the distribution of flyers and cards marketing prostitutes, and now they're much harder to find.

Peralta also introduced a bill that would require taxi drivers, who are oftentimes complicit in bringing prostitutes around the city, take a course on sex trafficking before receiving or renewing a license.

"We have to dispel the dangerous notion that prostitution is a victimless crime," Peralta said. "Someone aware of this brutal reality is less likely to participate in the continued exploitation of these women."

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Queens Leaders Push For Roosevelt Avenue Funding

As reported on Inside City Hall, NY 1: 

Inside City Hall’s Errol Louis spoke with State Sen. Jose Peralta from Queens and the Executive Director of the Queens Chamber of Commerce, Jack Friedman, about how they want to battle sex trafficking in their borough.

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Statement From Senator José Peralta Regarding Today’s Court Decision To Issue an Injunction Against Arizona’s Divisive Immigration Enforcement Law

“As a Dominican American who represents one of the most diverse communities in this country, I applaud Judge Susan Bolton of Federal District Court’s decision to issue an injunction against  Arizona’s divisive immigration enforcement law.  Allowing any governing body to legalize racial profiling is appalling and flies in the face of our core belief of “innocent until proven guilty”.


Pockets of City See Higher Use of Force During Police Stops

As reported by The New York Times:

The crowded neighborhoods of the West Bronx come alive at night. Residents, young and old, cluster around door stoops. Teenagers fill playground basketball courts. Police officers from the nearby 44th and 46th Precincts patrol the streets, from time to time stopping and frisking young men, mostly black and Latino. And when they do, statistics show, they use physical force far more often than the police do anywhere else in the city.


Campaign Against Human Trafficking In Queens

As reported by the New York Daily News:

A Queens official is spearheading a campaign to raise awareness of the plight of human trafficking victims in an attempt to curb the problem in western Queens.

The office of state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) has been distributing hundreds of posters in English and Spanish to small businesses in Corona, Jackson Heights and parts of Elmhurst. The posters encourage victims of human trafficking and prostitution to call 311 for help.

“So many women from around the world and the country are brought here to New York, and particularly on Roosevelt Avenue, to be enslaved and forced to have sex with strangers,” Peralta said.


KO Bad Wage Tax Credit

As reported by the Daily News:

ALBANY — A Queens state Senator has introduced a bill to repeal a controversial tax credit given to businesses that employ teenage minimum-wage workers.

Sen. Jose Peralta, a Democrat, said the credit encourages businesses, including national chains like Walmart, to shed older workers. He believes it also discourages employers from raising wages above the state minimum. “This tax credit is a really bad idea,” Peralta told the Daily News. “It just sends the wrong message.”

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Campaña para terminar el tráfico humano

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