'Chicas Card' Bill Passes In Senate, Assembly

State Senator Jose R. Peralta’s bill targeting the distribution of pimps’ business cards along a stretch of more than 40 blocks of Roosevelt Avenue was passed by the Senate and Assembly.   

(See 'Chica' Cards Fold; Escort Ads Soon Prohibited,  New York Daily News.)

July 5, 2011

Financial Literacy Series for Beginning English Learners

Senator Peralta, Queens Library and Emerald Isle Immigration Center present

"Financial Literacy Series for Beginning English Learners"


Please click here for the full class schedule.  For questions and to register, please call Liz Baber at (718) 478-5502 ext 209

April 7, 6:00 PM - June 16, 6:00 PM

Forum/Town Hall: Know Your Rights Forum for Lefrak City


FREE legal advice

From Gretchen Gonzalez from Queens Legal Services

Topics to be covered:

What to do if you are involved in an accident
Learn how to qualify for Workers' Compensation
What to do if you are a victim of a hit-and-run accident and are left with injuries
How to fill out a petition for administrative review (PAR) with DHCR
What to do if you’re facing an eviction

Please print and post the flyer in your building.


April 13, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

State Sen. Jose Peralta urges probe into baby's death in blizzard aftermath

Daily News

State Sen. Jose Peralta is calling for a probe into the death of an infant who had to wait for medical treatment because of snow-clogged streets after the blizzard.

"This is an especially heartbreaking tragedy that might have been avoided if only the streets had been cleared," said Peralta (D-Queens).

January 6, 2011

Boy Whose Treatment Was Delayed by Snow Dies

The New York Times

A stricken 3-month-old boy whose medical treatment was delayed last week by unplowed streets in Queens died Tuesday afternoon at Elmhurst Hospital, paramedics said.

The infant, Addison Reinoso, began having breathing problems and lost consciousness last Wednesday afternoon, said Patrick Bahnken, president of the Uniformed EMTs, Paramedics and Fire Inspectors FDNY.

January 6, 2011

Corona Plaza Holiday Festival and Light Spectacular

Join Senator Jose Peralta for trolley rides, hot cocoa, cookies, holiday themed photos, all day entertainment, arts & crafts and a spectacular light show!

Special tree lighting at 5:00 PM!

Sponsored by Senator Jose Peralta, Assemblymember Francisco Moya, Councilmember Julissa Ferreras, Corona Community Action Network and Dominican American Society.

Download the event flyer here.

December 5, 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

The State Senate Democratic Majority Passes Bill S7399 Requiring Lenders to Provide Consumers with a Mortgage Bill of Rights Sponsored by Senator Jose Peralta, Chair of the Consumer Protection Committee

(Albany, NY) The State Senate Democratic Majority has passed legislation sponsored by State Senator Jose Peralta (D-Queens), Chair of the Consumer Protection Committee, requiring mortgage lenders and brokers to provide consumers with a Mortgage Bill of Rights - a pamphlet that must be signed by the consumer prior to mortgage application explaining the mortgage process and consumer rights and protections. This bill will ensure that consumers receive ample information before they begin the voluminous mortgage process.

June 23, 2010

Statement From State Senator Jose Peralta, Lead Sponsor Of The NYS DREAM Act, On President Obama's Executive Order

"The good news is that millions of upstanding, hardworking undocumented immigrants will now be able to continue contributing to our economy without having to live and work in fear of deportation.

"The bad news is that millions of other upstanding, hardworking undocumented immigrants will remain in the shadows of our economy and society.

"President Obama is to be applauded for taking a strong first step toward long-overdue reform of our broken immigration system.  Like the president, we in New York should not wait on Congress to make additional necessary repairs.

"The DREAM Act is sensible, compassionate public policy.  It is the law in Texas, a red state, California, a blue state, and New Mexico, a purple state.  Here, the New York DREAM Act is supported by editorial boards throughout the state, including those at newspapers as different as the New York Post, The New York Times and the Daily News.

"Let’s follow the bipartisan example of the five states that have already passed a DREAM Act.  Let's collaborate in New York on making an investment in our young people, our economy and our state’s future that will pay for itself several times over."


November 21, 2014

Restaurant owner blasts city fines over single-gender ads

As reported by the NY Post:

The owner of an Upper East Side restaurant who read in The Post that a downtown eatery was fined $5,000 fine just for placing an ad for “waitresses” is issuing a call to arms against the gender-based penalties.

“This is an outrage, and more restaurants need to share their stories so this nonsense is stopped,” Giuseppe Bruno wrote to The Post.

“Someone needs to help these restaurants.”

State Sen. José Peralta (D-Queens) slammed the agency for targeting “unintentionally gendered language.”

“Of the 53 discrimination settlements reported by the commission in 2014, 18 — or more than a third of all settlements — are for this sort of case,” Peralta said

For full article, click here.

November 21, 2014

Peralta wants avenue under single precinct

As reported by the Queens Chronicle:

Roosevelt Avenue, a major corridor that runs from Sunnyside to Flushing, is known as the “Old Times Square” for its high crime rates and deteriorating infrastructure in certain areas.

The street acts as a border for two precincts — the 115th to the north and the 110th to the south — something state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) said limits the police’s ability to adequately serve the community to its capability.

“It becomes an issue, not only with crime or cleanliness, but the day-to-day issues as well,” the senator said. “It’s an issue people have complained about for years in regards to Roosevelt.”

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November 21, 2014

Lawmaker wants to end the divide of Roosevelt Avenue

As reported by the Times Ledger:

State Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) believes there is an easy way for the city to improve conditions on Roosevelt Avenue: single command of the commercial corridor by a single police precinct.

The senator sent a letter to NYPD Commissioner William Bratton explaining the problem along his district’s main business corridor.

“At present, the 115th Precinct is responsible for policing the north side of Roosevelt Avenue, while the 110th handles the south side,” he wrote. “A dividing line running miles down the center of a busy street makes no sense and almost certainly stretches resources thin. It also makes it more difficult to institute community policing measures when smaller neighborhood enclaves are split in half. Worse yet, it creates a situation where an officer is not technically responsible for responding to a crime taking place across the street.”

For full article, click here.

November 12, 2014

Make college more affordable by making more Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) grants available

As reported by the Daily News:

By State Senator Jose Peralta and Assembly Member Francisco Moya

As the lead sponsors of the New York DREAM Act — a proposal to provide state-financed college tuition aid to undocumented immigrants — we often hear: “You should help struggling, taxpaying families that are in this country legally pay for college.”

We couldn’t agree more.

College costs have skyrocketed. The graduates of the class of 2014 have the distinction of being the most indebted ever, owing an average of about $33,000 each. Even after adjusting for inflation, that’s nearly twice as much as what student borrowers owed 20 years ago.

What’s more, we are at a critical juncture in our state’s trajectory — we will either choose to invest in our future, or we will choose to ignore it. In a future without financial aid reforms, more New Yorkers will be unable to afford college and will enter a job market that is increasingly inhospitable to those who lack a college education. Without action, these two intersecting forces may collide, driving up unemployment.

One way to make college more affordable for New Yorkers is to make more and larger Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) grants available to more students, immigrant and non-immigrant alike.

To view full article, click here.

November 10, 2014

Statement From State Senator Jose Peralta On NYC Human Rights Commission

"I applaud the mayor's decision to bring in new leadership at the Human Rights Commission.  Instead of tackling the thousands of citizen-initiated complaints it receives annually, for the past several years HRC was disproportionately focusing its limited resources on fining businesses for using unintentionally gendered language in job recruiting advertisements," (i.e. posting an ad for a ‘waitress’ or ‘hostess’).

“Of the 53 discrimination settlements reported by the Commission in 2014, 18, or more than a third of all settlements, are for this sort of case.  Of those 18, only two appear to have been tested to show actual discriminatory intent. There is a similar pattern in 2012 and 2013, where employment ads allegedly showing gender discrimination made up 40% and 30% of total settlements respectively and only a few were tested to prove actual discriminatory intent.

"Many of the cases don’t come out of actual complaints, but rather from college students getting paid by HRC to troll on-line classifieds. 

"It is extremely troubling that this kind of questionable case comprises a third or more of the Commission’s enforcement output when so many complaints of actual discrimination go unanswered.

“New Yorkers expect and deserve a Human Rights Commission that helps bring justice to those who have been wronged, not one focused on generating revenue through petty fines.”


November 7, 2014

Following in the Statue of Liberty's Footsteps

As reported by City and State:

By State Senator Jose Peralta:

The Somos El Futuro conference provides an opportunity at the conclusion of the election cycle for state elected and government officials to collectively assess the lay of the political landscape and plan accordingly for the January start of the new legislative season.

With beautiful Puerto Rico providing the tropical backdrop and virtually every Hispanic elected official in New York on hand for the conference, the focus of those assessments invariably is on initiatives important to Latinos and the politics of turning those proposals into policy.

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November 5, 2014

Cuomo signs new law to protect trafficking victims

As reported by Times Ledger:

“These new protections build upon our work to combat human trafficking in New York by providing more tools to help victims escape their circumstances and to get a fresh start,” Cuomo said.

The new law requires that all case records concerning 16- or 17-year-old victims be sealed so that future employers cannot find out about their history. The records can only be unsealed if they are needed in a case against the victim’s trafficker.

Roosevelt Avenue in Queens has been the borough’s epicenter of human trafficking over the years, as many young, foreign-born women migrating to the borough have fallen prey to traffickers, advocates say.

“Putting an end to human trafficking is the moral issue of our time,” he said. “Women are shipped here from around the world and the country. They’re brought right here to my district and enslaved. The standard response is that it’s a victimless crime, which it is not.”

For full article, click here.

October 30, 2014

Op-ed: Roosevelt Avenue needs Street Vendor Review Panel

As reported by the Queens Courier:

By State Senator Jose Peralta:

Walk along Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights and Corona, and everywhere you go you’ll see small businesses, the vast majority of which are mom-and-pop operations.

These businesses, including the street vending carts and stands, sustain families and breathe life into the community.

From early in the morning until well into the evening, you’ll come across rows of street vendors offering up a smorgasbord of tasty dishes from throughout Latin America, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, books, homemade trinkets and on and on. All this amidst a sea of commuters and shoppers flowing in out of the subway stations and many retail stores along the avenue.

For full article, click here.

October 27, 2014

City Should Boost Number of Street Cart Permits, Politician Says

As reported by DNAinfo:

CORONA — A local politician is pushing the city to lift the cap on its number of food cart street vendor permits — while also forcing them to obtain letter grades like restaurants — in a bid to ease tensions between popular vendors and neighborhood store owners.

State Sen. Jose Peralta is also suggesting restarting the Street Vendor Review Panel, which was created in 1995 to help determine where the carts could set up shop, but which hasn't met since 2001.

For full article, click here.

October 24, 2014

MTA, DCP Look For Broader Transportation Access

As reported by the Queens Tribune:   

Multiple City agencies are looking to expand transportation access in Western Queens.

A long awaited Long Island Rail Road station may come to fruition in Elmhurst now that the MTA has earmarked $40 million for the project in its proposed 2015-2019 Capital Plan. The station would be on the Port Washington Branch.

Elected officials have voiced their support of the plan.

“We welcome the proposals with open arms,” State Senator Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) said, adding that commuters “need and deserve” the LIRR station and other upgrades proposed in the capital plan. 

For full article, click here.

October 21, 2014