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Senator Robach Recognizes June as Young Workers' Safety Month

LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION  recognizing  June 2011 as Young Workers' Safety

 Month in the State of New York

 WHEREAS, Employment is a valuable part of a young person's learning  and

 development; and

 WHEREAS,  This  June,  thousands  of  New  York's  young  workers will

 commence their summer jobs, joining the more  than  four  million  young

 workers who are employed in the United States each year; and

 WHEREAS,  Young  workers  are  more likely to be injured while working

 than are adults, and  nationwide  approximately  150,000  young  workers

Senator Robach Supports 2011 Labor Day Parade

On Monday, Senator Robach in the 2011 Labor Day Parade. Senator Robach would like to thank all the supporters and kids who helped make this parade so successful. Thanks to the many members of our community who came out to support the parade!

GM Welcomes Community To Holdings Plant for Open House

On Wednesday, October 5th, Senator Robach had the opportunity to attend an open house at the General Motors Holdings Plant on Lexington Avenue in Rochester. The open house was a way to say thank you to our community for the support that the company has received. Thousands of people took advantage of the open house to see many of the products made right here in our back yard. It was great to meet so many of the employees and see the members of our community who came out to support this open house.


Bill Cuts Taxes for 4.4 Million New Yorkers; Repeals MTA Payroll Tax for Most Businesses;

Reduces Taxes on Manufacturers; Invests in Job Creation & Retention