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Senator Robach, Business Leaders Call on Thruway Authority Not to Increase Tolls

- New York State Thruway Authority Mulling 45 Percent Toll Hike For Commercial Trucks –


Rochester, NY – This morning, New York State Senator Joe Robach (R-I-C, Monroe County), and John Batiste, President and CEO of Klein Steel Service, Inc. in Rochester, joined other local small business owners and business organizations to highlight the negative effects the proposed toll hikes would have for commercial trucks on the New York State Thruway.


The New York State Thruway Authority has proposed a 45 percent toll increase for commercial trucks on the Thruway. According to the Thruway Authority, this increase, if enacted, would be implemented by October.


Stop The Toll Hikes On Commercial Trucks

I, like much of the public, was shocked when the Thruway Authority proposed a 45% increase in commercial tolls.  This toll hike will have detrimental ramifications on all New Yorkers. 

This increase, which is set to take effect in October, will hit the trucking industry at the heart of their business. According to the NYS Motor Truck Association, nearly 90 percent of New York communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods and over 87 percent of all manufactured goods are transported by trucks. New York’s trucks are responsible for transporting over 1.4 million tons of manufactured material here each day, while providing one in 25 jobs in the state.  Without trucks, no person, home or business could survive. 

Statement on Thruway Authority Decision to Pull Toll Hike

Earlier today, the New York State Thruway Authority pulled a plan which would have increased tolls on the Thruway 45% for commercial trucks. I would like to thank everyone who signed my on-petition to call on the NYS Thruway Authority NOT to increase tolls. Your voices have been heard by the Authority and our Governor. Also, I would like to thank the folks at Klein Steel, Inc. for their support and hosting a press conference in August that discussed the negative impact a toll hike would have on jobs, the working class, and small businesses in our community. Finally, thanks to Steve Wadhams of Wadhams Enterprises. This time the loud voice of people served democracy well.