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Senator Griffo Honors Local Woman of Distinction


Edie Carbone of Boonville Receives Recognition

(Albany) - Senator Joseph A. Griffo named Edna “Edie” Carbone the 2010 Woman of Distinction for the 47th Senate District at the 13th Annual Senate Women of Distinction ceremony last Tuesday night in Albany, honoring their outstanding contributions in enriching the quality of life for their communities and beyond.         


Senator Griffo's Weekly Column #3: Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Jr. often witnessed the worst of the human condition, yet still saw reason to be optimistic.

Dr. King lived with honorable purpose, in a way that ensured his teachings about peace, faith and service would endure long after his death.

Many of us will pause from work to honor Dr. King, who would have turned 85 last week.

In times of great turmoil and tension, Dr. King’s call for passive disobedience rose above the rest. He rejected, as extreme, the belief that African Americans could only achieve equality through violent means. Dr. King urged his brethren to win hearts and minds through nonviolent measures, and remained steadfast in that philosophy even when facing great societal pressure.


Senator Griffo's Weekly Column #2: Helping Vets With Their School Taxes

We owe a great deal to the men and women of our armed services, as well as parents whose children were lost in the preservation of our freedom.

While state legislators recognize there are no perfect words or gestures to appropriately express our gratitude, we do try to recognize this sacrifice by making it easier for veterans to live and work in New York.


Senator Griffo's Weekly Column #6: For Those About To RAK, We Salute You

Being kind is contagious.

Want proof? Look no farther than the Remsen Central School District.

This tight-knit district of about 400 students joined together recently to give native Erin Hamlin a sendoff worthy of a three-time Olympian.

Students waved homemade banners littered with encouraging messages and composed cheers, dance routines and even a rap in Hamlin’s honor.

The entire event – captured beautifully in a two-minute video – was, in the words of NBC Sports, “adorable.”


Senator Griffo's Weekly Column #5: Changes to Sportsmen's Licenses

Attention sportsmen: Starting Feb. 1, New York is making changes to its hunting and fishing licenses, including reducing fees.

Gov. Cuomo proposed simplifying the licensing system during last year’s budget negotiations. I voted to support the proposal because I felt it would encourage more hunters, anglers and trappers – whether living here or out of state – to make use of New York’s great outdoors.

Here are some of the biggest changes you should know about:


Senator Griffo's Weekly Column #4: Be A Hero. Donate Blood.

With the new year upon us, here’s an easy resolution to make and keep: Be a hero and donate blood.

My suggestion requires no special powers or gadgets, but you still may get to save a damsel (or even a Don) in distress.

In one hour – the time it takes the watch an “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” episode  – you can donate enough to be a superstar in the lives of up to three people.

Who are these recipients?

They’re fighting cancer. Most of the 1.6 million people diagnosed last year will need regular blood transfusions during their chemotherapy.


Your Voice With Senator Griffo: Erin Hamlin, NY Mills Boys Basketball and the Woman of Distinction

In this episode of "Your Voice," Senator Griffo discusses Oneida County residents who are making a difference in this world.

Erin Hamlin, Remsen, is the first American to medal in singles luge in the Olympics. She visited the Capitol recently and was congratulated by the New York State Senate.