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Griffo Wants Power for Jobs Program Made Permanent

Griffo Calls for Immediate Action on Power for Jobs


(Albany ) Senator Joseph A. Griffo (R-IP-C, Rome) today called for immediate action to extend New York’s Power for Jobs program and also called for a June deadline for action to make the program permanent.

As the Ranking Minority Member of the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee, Griffo voted in committee yesterday and on the Senate floor today for Senate Bill 7573-A, which  would make Power for Jobs permanent, instead of requiring legislative action each year to keep the program running. S.7573-A now goes to the Assembly for their consideration before it can come to the Governor for his approval.


New York State Pollution Prevention Institute Honors Utica-Area Manufacturer

TECT Power receives Pollution Prevention Achievement Award

 The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute, housed at Rochester Institute of Technology, awarded its 2011 Pollution Prevention Achievement Award to TECT Power, a subsidiary of TECT Corp. an international aerospace components manufacturer. The award was presented today during a ceremony at the company’s production facility, 2 Halsey Road, in Whitesboro, N.Y.

TECT Power was recognized for its efforts to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in its production processes.


Griffo Says New Power Initiative Will Create and Keep Jobs

Governor Cuomo and Senator GriffoAnnounce First Round of Power Allocations for RECHARGE New York ProgramLow Cost Power Will Help Create and Retain Thousands of Jobs Across the State


Griffo Says Senate's "NEW JOBS-NY" Job Creation Plan Will Make State Competitive

Griffo Says Senate's "NEW JOBS-NY" Job Creation Plan Will Make State Competitive


Senator Griffo's Weekly Column #1: The Right Route For Government

Happy New Year!

My wife and I did some traveling for the holidays. Our destination was the same as the year before – and many years before that. One thing had changed, however. We didn’t agree on how to get there.

Governing is a lot like a road trip. All participants share a common destination, but the disagreements are always about what exact route to take.

State legislators and the governor, regardless of political affiliation, all want to help New York attract good-paying jobs and grow our economy. We also want to invest in our children and keep spending in check while maintaining services.

This week, Governor Cuomo will unveil his roadmap in a State of the State address. As always, I’m looking forward to hearing his plan.


Senator Griffo's Weekly Column #35: Help For Existing Businesses, Not Just New Ones

New York has the dubious distinction of ranking dead last among the 50 states in a survey of business tax climates. The governor’s initiative, START-UP NY, represented an out-of-the-box approach to lure jobs here.

However, we simply cannot earmark all of our tax breaks, credits and incentives for new businesses. The strength of an economy comes from existing business, and reducing their competitiveness to new companies can result in too many good jobs being lost.