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Reforming the Legislative Process

Senator Griffo advocates for more open and transparent processes in the Senate rather than the current system.

Griffo: Late State Budget Shows Need for Reform Convention

Utica - Senator Joseph A. Griffo (R-IP-C, Rome) today voiced outrage that New York State is starting its 2010-2011 fiscal year without a budget in place.


Griffo Condemns Senate Holiday Break as a "Charade"

Senator Griffo voted against emergency spending that would allow the Senate to take a weeklong recess despite the looming budget deadline.  On the floor of the Senate, Griffo explained his 'no' vote:  "I just think it’s unacceptable.  We should continue to work and strive for this community objective and the responsibility that has been entrusted to us.  For that reason, I vote no."


Listen to the news report at the link below.


Griffo's Term Limits Bill Passes Senate

ALBANY – Senator Joseph A. Griffo continued his quest to limit the power of state government and empower the citizenry, as the state Senate passed his bill Tuesday to place term limits on Legislature leadership positions.

The bill, S.3556, would limit the tenure of the temporary president, speaker and minority leaders to 12 years. It would limit the tenure of any committee chairman to eight years, with the exception of the Rules Committee.


Griffo, Schimminger Bills Would Reform Lieutenant Governor Post

ALBANY – The lieutenant governor position has drawn increased attention and scrutiny in the past month in light of an upcoming change in personnel in November.

State Sen. Joseph A. Griffo and Assemblyman Robin Schimminger believe this is a perfect time for the Legislature to reconsider how the lieutenant governor is chosen and his or her role in the governing of New York. They sponsor three bills that would institute some common-sense reforms: