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Senator Kathleen Marchione Named New Co-chair of Senate Regulatory Commission

Senator Kathleen Marchione, in her freshman year as a state lawmaker, has been given the difficult job of Co-chair for the Senate's Administrative Regulations Review Commission (ARRC).  With this responsibility, Senator Marchione is charged with implementing the often complex State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA) and the review of all state agency regulations for the Legislature.


Senator Marchione Named to Burger Style Commission to Eliminate Unnecessary Regulations

Senator Marchione, Chairman of the Senate’s Administrative Regulations Review Commission (ARRC), and members of the Senate Majority Coalition announced that they will begin an unprecedented initiative to identify and eliminate approximately a thousand costly and unnecessary government regulations that strangle business and job growth and drive up municipal and school property taxes.


Senator Marchione Clears Red Tape for Schuylerville Library

The Schuylerville Library’s board of trustees was concerned about having to raise property taxes over the 2% property tax cap due to a regulatory requirement that a master’s certified librarian be employed at the facility.

The current librarian is in the process of obtaining her master’s degree but State Education Department mandates that a certified librarian be employed at state chartered libraries. The Department had issued a temporary waiver that trustees believed was about to expire.